OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

So, I'd lost my blogging mojo for a few weeks. To be more accurate, I actually bordered on losing interest in nail polishes altogether. Terrifying, I know... But there are many reasons that drove that crazy idea into my head - work, filling orders from my Etsy store and my stubborn insistence to indulge in my other hobbies (eg. manga, TV dramas) till late in the night. With so many things to do, I hardly found the time to do swatches / nail art for the blog *hangs head in shame*

This went on for a few weeks and I finally decided to do something about it:

From now on, my Etsy store will only be opened on the first and last 3 days of each month. 

I thank you for your understanding. Hopefully, this will give me more time over the rest of the weekends to recharge and spend time on other things that I love too - including updating this blog! ♥

To kickstart the first post after my brief hiatus, I'm happy to say that I've finally gotten my hands on OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection! *happy dance* I am not even a fan of pastel colors (I love them but they don't love my skin tone) but I am all gaga over these colors. I believe this is the first time that I've spent slightly more money to get my hands on discontinued colors and I am not regretting it the least bit. Take a look:


Mermaid's Tears. 3 thin coats.
Bright but slightly dusty turquoise. You know how much I love turquoises. Make them dusty looking and I'm completely sold. This is also the reason why I spent a couple of bucks more to get this one. Thankfully I didn't have to fork out retail price for it though - OPIs are going at about S$20 through the official retailer *winces*


Stranger Tides. 3 thin coats.
A dusty murky green. I can't even begin to say how much I love this.


Skull and Glossbones. 3 thin coats.
A beautiful light grey with hints of khaki green. I had dismissed this initially because I thought it would look horrid on me but it rocketed to be one of my favorite colors in this collection. The green is just enough to make it wearable and unique. Simply perfection.


Steady as She Rose. 3 thin coats.
A beautiful lilac shade-shifter. It leans more pink or purple depending on the lighting. Another must-have. Work appropriate too!


Sparrow Me the Drama. 3 thin coats.
Soft bright pink. I don't really like bright pinks but I make an exception for this - it is bright but dusty enough for my liking.


Planks A Lot. 3 thin coats.
A beautiful dusty red-toned purple. I thought it was similar to a-england Guinevere but this is less dusty and brighter.

Yup, I'm seriously in love with all the colors in this collection. If you are a fan of dusty shades, you wouldn't want to miss this collection... well, except the silver shatter perhaps - because it is passé. Although the collection has been discontinued, I believe it is not difficult to find them online on eBay, etc. My advice? Grab them before they become really HTF.

Which color(s) do you like?

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  1. It is of course nice that your Etsy shop is such a success, but it's important that you recharge properly...!
    The colors are lovely - but also a tad too dusty for me...

  2. This is such a fabulous collection! Definitely one of my favourites, and I definitely need to get my hands on every last one of these. I'm not as into pastels either, but the dusty edge to these is just LOVE. It makes them so much more wearable for me too.

  3. Welcome back Mich! Missed your lovely swatches <3 The important thing is to rest properly, yeah? :) And yay for fellow manga lovers! ;)

    Anyway, lovely swatches as usual! I only have 2 out of the entire collection, but you're right - I should get them before they go HTF!

  4. This was such a pretty collection. I love them all. Glad you got your mojo back ;0)

  5. I just got On Stranger Tides today for less than a buck! So excited.

  6. Jenni-irelishnailpolishMay 21, 2013 at 2:48 AM

    OMG! I need this collection! Love MT, SG and S&CB, the first three.... WOW! in love!

  7. This was a beautiful collection, they should release colours like this more often! I lose my nail polish mojo every once in a while too, just go with how you feel, I had nude nails all over Christmas & New Year, only really interested in painting them again since Feb/March! Go with how you feel, we'll all be here :)x

  8. I found all of these a couple of months ago at my local grocery HEB, All except Steady as she Rose, or at least I don't recall seeing it. I started with Planks a Lot and Skull and Glossbones, and after a few trips to the grocery store, I sort of grabbed one every visit and the next thing you know I had all but one. I really like this collection.

  9. I agree!! I have such a soft spot for dusty shades ;)

  10. Thank you Camila dear!
    Why am I not surprised to see another thing we have in common ;) <3

    And yes to grabbing them all! *waves arms maniacally*

  11. Thank you Marisa! I'm glad you like them too! Such a perfect collex *le sigh*

  12. Yesssss you have to get them!! ^_^

  13. Thank you Cathy!! <3
    It's still not too late to get them ;)

  14. I agreeeeee. I can't get enough of such colors ;)
    And thank you so much love! I feel so thankful for having such lovely readers like you <3

  15. *high five!*
    ahaha it kinda happened that way to me too! I got SASR, SMTD and ST at first but caved in and got the rest of the colors after a while. But no regrets ;p

  16. Ugh, I love this collection. I hate that it came out before I really got into polish. Gorgeous swatches!