a-england: Fonteyn & Dancing with Nureyev

Good morning, everyone!!
I managed to squeeze some time for some swatches so I thought I would do a quickie post to share some beauties before I leave Singapore tonight ;)

As you might have suspected, I have been really out of touch with the polish world for a while now. Between work, my polish creations and my manga obsession, I hardly have any time to sit down and scroll through my feed! As I watch the number of unread posts increase exponentially, I simply couldn't bring myself to tackle them - you know how it is >< If Mei Mei hadn't contacted me, I wouldn't have known that a-england has recently released yet another gorgeous collection! Shame on me! :(

Dancing with Nureyev and Fonteyn are two of the four new colours from a-england's Ballerina Collection. This collection is inspired by one of the greatest classical ballet dancers, Margot Fonteyn. I don't profess to be a fan of ballet but it always takes my breath away each time I chance upon a ballet performance. The elegant dance moves and the beautifully dreamy costumes... *le sigh* Which was why I was instantly enamoured by Adina's latest releases - they are the perfect embodiment of the elegance and delicateness that I love in ballet.


Fonteyn. 2 thin coats.
The lightest silvery lilac with the most elegant linear holo. I just have no words to describe it... A true beauty befitting of its namesake.


Dancing with Nureyev. 2 thin coats.
A purple leaning steel blue with a strong but elegant linear holo effect. Nothing less for her dance partner, Rudolf Nureyev, who had such amazing chemistry with her on-stage.

As I've come to expect of a-england, the formula of these are impeccable. Nothing short of buttery smooth application. I am sure you've heard enough to know it by now ;)

So what do you think of these two shades?
You know I love me some strong dark colours so I am naturally in love with Dancing with Nureyev. But Fonteyn took me by surprise and I cannot stop staring at it on my nails. So... my take on it? You definitely need them both! Besides, it would be too cruel to tear the apart, wouldn't it? ;)

a-england is available in UK through their online store. Although they do not ship internationally, they are also available through their various stockists, including Mei Mei's Signatures! :D

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  1. I think Dancing with Nureyev is just too pretty to be true!

  2. These are my two favourites from the collection! Beautiful!

  3. Marisa (Polish Obsession)December 22, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    These are so pretty!! Especially the second one!

  4. They're both beautiful! I totally understand about losing touch with the polish world, I am so behind on new collections and posts. It's overwhelming when you haven't got time and there are so many things to read! Your swatches are beautiful x