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A big hello from mich & jayo from our little polish well in Singapore! We're two recent law school graduates who are, well, just a tad nail-obsessed. ;)

Our nail adventure started when both of us wore nail polish to school. Being polish junkies, we immediately took notice of each other's nails and... there, that was the first spark. We literally fed on each other's enthusiasm! 

Discovering other major polish brands and online shopping was really the point of no return. It was the start of an addictive, albeit time-consuming, hobby of scouring through the polish blogs for swatches to add to our ever-increasing to-buy list. ;)

One thing led to the other... and *poof* this blog was started as a way for us to share our passion and spread a little polish love around, especially in Singapore! ~♥

We share everything nail-related - nail polish, nail art ideas, tips and even an occasional franken or two! So if you are a nail addict like us, here's a BIG welcome to our little well of happiness! ^_^

Thank you for visiting our blog!

mich & jayo


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