Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Holos

It is finally the weekends!!! The past week has been hell at work and I clocked late nights almost everyday. Heck, I even camped over in the office last Thursday till 5am before I left for home >< I had to work over last weekend too! To top that off, my dearest macbook breathed its last on Sunday which left me extremely devastated. Although I got myself a new macbook, all my files were not backed-up so I will have to get someone to help me retrieve them T_T

Bad news aside, I am most excited to share with you these beauties which I have swatched before all hell broke loose:

Mirror of Dawn. 3 thin coats.
A soft steel grey with an ethereal golden sheen and a most delicate linear holo. Heart-achingly beautiful. I love the name too.

Deepstone. 2 thin coats.
A dusty warm purple holo with a similar golden sheen. If this isn't royal, I don't know what is. Love!

Ruby Hare. 2 thin coats.
A rich maroon holo with a golden-pink sheen. I just can't... <3 I need to take more English classes to expand my vocabulary.

Starfall. 2 thin coats.
A blue-purple holo with a pink-violet shimmer. Gorgeous colour with a beautiful name to match too!

Burning Dusk. 3 thin coats.
A warm-violet base filled with aqua blue shimmer and linear holo. The contrast between the base and the shimmer? They are just meant to be <3

Glassweb. 3 thin coats.
A sheer black base filled with shimmer that shifts from aqua-blue to violet at extreme angles. Methinks I ought to have layered this shy lass over a dark colour to bring out its true beauty.

Ink of the Sea. 3 thin coats.
A sheer purple base with heavy aqua-green shimmer. The base colour does not translate onto the nail as much but you can catch glimmers of it from an angle.

Maddening Whispers. 3 thin coats.
A deep purple base with shimmer that shifts from green to purple. This totally drives me MAD with lust. Super LOVE.

Gravity Lapse. 3 thin coats.
Sheer black base with shimmer that shifts from pink-violet to grey-green. I am officially out of words to describe how I feel.

Void Shatter. 2 thin coats.
A black linear holo filled with warm pink-violet flecks. *_*

The polishes applied wonderfully and I highly recommend grabbing them before they disappear. I haven't seen many holos with that extra something that doesn't overwhelm the holo effect and, on the contrary, complement the holo so well. Sophie really does have a magical touch. If I really have to pick a handful of favourites, they would have to be Maddening Whispers, Mirror of Dawn, Deepstone and Void Shatter.

What do you think of these colours? Which ones caught your eye?

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is available on their website and at various stockists.

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  1. These are all gorgeous but I think I could stare at Deepstone all day!!

  2. Maryalicia VerdecchiaJuly 2, 2014 at 8:26 PM

    StarFall hypnotized me!

  3. They're all stunning, your photographs are amazing, so clear! I love Deepstone and the last one x

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