Ozotic: 505 *picture heavy*

Ah... finally the weekends!!

To celebrate, I've decided to show you this amazing multichrome from Ozotic. If you haven't heard of it before, it's a polish from Australia and has some freaking awesome multichromes in its line. For a multichrome addict like me, that basically means I need every Ozotic. Unfortunately, the price is a little steep so I finally decided on getting my paws on #505. Believe me, it was not an easy choice.

I bought it from Susan at The Subtle Shimmer quite a while ago and only got around to wearing it recently. I nearly slapped myself for not trying it earlier. It was instant love.

Enough talk. To show you how mind-blowing it is:
*highly recommended that you click on the pictures for a larger pic*

*All pictures are shown with one coat of Ozotic 505 over one coat of black*

Ozotic 505 is a freaking gorgeous multichrome that flashes emerald green, teal, blue, purple, pink, red, burnt orange and golden green. This is one of the few pictures where I've managed to capture most (not all) of the colors in a single shot.

Ozotic 505 by itself is very sheer and I definitely do not recommend wasting this precious liquid by adding several coats. Instead, layer it over black and watch it come to life on your nails!

Don't have #505 yet? Fret not. I have mooooreee pictures!
*in order of the color shift as far as possible*

First, the teal and blue:

Shifting into purple...

The purple and the pink...

Pink and red...

Then the gold and green...

Here's an awkward shot to capture the golden green that's only visible at the extreme angles:

*spooky nails*
Here's another awkward shot that has both the emerald green / teal from one end of the spectrum and the golden green from the other end of the spectrum:

Are you drooling yet?

Just in case you are wondering, yes, I did stare at my nails constantly throughout the entire day and noting down the colors that I've glimpsed. It's really really gorgeous. As Karine from Nailderella puts it, you just have to shift your hand a single millimeter just to see the color shift. The multichrome is that strong. I did my best trying to capture the color shifts but it was hard to get the real beauty of it on the camera. In my defense, I've already tried to make up for my lack of photography skills by taking more than 50 pictures at different angles over two days (slightly different lighting). You simply have to experience Ozotic 505 for yourself!

Good news for Singaporeans, you can get yourself some Ozotic from Susan at The Subtle Shimmer or from Mei Mei's Signatures. Mei Mei ships international too.



  1. Your pics are awesome!!!  You were able to get some great shots ;0)

  2. i love this polish i just got it from my friend today i cant wait to wear it !

  3. I have 506 and LOVE it!!  This looks a lot like it.  I need to add more Ozotics to my collection.

  4. It looks amazing! Truly a gorgeous duochrome! 

  5. Thank you Marisa! I was lucky to have great lighting by the window this time! :D

  6. It's really amazing! Once you put it on, you'll never want to take it off! :p

  7. ooo.. I've just saw your pictures of 506. It does look a lot like 505! So pretty! :))

  8. yup! Many times more amazing IRL!! I'm in love~

  9. oh my goodness this is so pretty! need this in my life!

  10. I just purchased 505 too! I havent had a change to wear it yet, but it looks amazing! I had a hard time choosing which Ozotic multi chrome to get too...they all change so much, but I dont think you can go wrong with any of them. Beautiful swatches!

  11. Yup! They are all so beautiful! *sigh* Thank you so much! xx

  12. Hahaha! You know you do! ;p Each time I look at the pictures, my heart still skips a beat!

  13. Wow! I love it <3 I really really want this!

  14. Glad you love it too!!! It's realllly stunning in real life! <3

  15. I've never wanted a color more. So beautiful.

  16. Me too! I simply had to have it. It's just too pretty! <3

  17. beautiful :)


  18. i bought mine from Susan tooo!! got it just today!! http://temptedtolove.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/what-makes-my-day/