Franken: Invidia / Envy

Sorry for interrupting the mini Lynnderella series but I thought I should do a brief post on a franken I had made a short while ago. ^_^ It's been a long time since I've dabbled with frankening because I didn't have many empty bottles or interesting glitter polishes to work with. But recently, I chanced upon some green glitter polishes and took the opportunity to make another franken when I received a small complimentary bottle of Seche Vite with an old polish purchase. (Yes, I emptied the SV into my usual bottle of SV ;) ) Although I didn't have much to work with, I was rather pleased with how this turned out:

Invidia / Envy. One/two coats over Illamasqua Rampage. Envy is a mix of large and medium hex and small round green glitters with a handful of brooding black glitters and an occasional flash of gold from some green/gold color-shifting glitters in a clear base. Best layered over dark colors for that truly sinister look. :vD

Close up of Envy on the nail
Bottle shot of Envy
What do you think of Invidia? Envious? ;)
I only wish that the glitter could be slightly more dense - the polishes that I used had a surprisingly generous amount of suspension base >.<

To be honest, I had been mulling over creating a '7 Deadly Sins' collection (and other collections) ever since the start of this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the franken supplies to play with (especially the suspension base) so I have to put all my ideas on hold. :(

Do you know where I can get some suspension base?



  1. I LOVE this!! Totally want it so bad now. It's beautiful!

  2. That looks pretty! :D And that 7 sins series is an interesting idea. BTW, Pam of Girly Bits sells frankening supplies on her site! Last I checked she had a franken starter kit for $25, in which we get three 15ml bottles of suspension base and some glitters/pigments. I think it's a pretty good deal if you want to franken for personal use! :)

  3. This is lovely, the green base and glitters really make this all work well together :)

  4. Gasp! I think it's perfect just the way it is. So. Much. WANT!

  5. It's gorgeous, I'm green with envy!!

  6. aww Thank you Kellie! I'm glad you like it! If you like, you can take part in our nail art contest to win a bottle for yourself! ^_^

  7. aww Thank you Elizabeth! <3 If you like, you can enter our nail art contest to win a bottle! ^_^

  8. Thank you Rie! <33 I'm glad you like it!

  9. Thank you Camila! <3
    Ahh... I will go check it out! Thank you for the info! ^_^

  10. aww Thank you Deborah!! Such a compliment coming from you! <33 If you like, you can try to win it from our nail art contest! ;)

  11. Oh my goshness!! This is so amazingly beautiful! Green is my favorite color and such color polishes hold a special place in my heart and this beauty is no exception! Gorgeous rich forest green laced with light leafy green and black glittery goodness! And the depth! So much delicious jellyness....Oooooh O.O Teach me your ways *bows* lol ;) no seriously how do you make such incredible jellies?? Fantastic franken Mich, I'm totally lemming this beaut here!

  12. Aww thank you for your sweet words!! <3

    I wish I could make such a gorgeous green jelly but I didn't :( The beautiful green base is Illamasqua Rampage - I just topped it off with my glitter franken ^_^ I really love this combi!

    p.s. If you like, you can see the whole of the 7 Deadly Sins collection that I've done up recently. This green glitter franken is part of that collection :))