Lynnderella: Very Pretty Vampire

It's time for some Lynnderella spam... I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Lynnderellas a long time ago (like even before the current wishlist system) and haven't had the time to do proper swatches ever since I've tried them. I've heard of some controversies with these polishes but let's not venture into prickly subjects and just admire beautiful polishes, shall we?

Funnily enough, one of the first Lynnderellas that I fell in love with was not Connect the Dots. Blasphemy, I know! >.< But I was on a vampy polish kick and Stef's swatches of Very Pretty Vampire caught my heart - how could it not?! Just take a look at this vampy momma! :L

Very Pretty Vampire is a sheer dark-red polish with a mix of burgundy, red and black glitters of various sizes and shapes (hex and squares). If you look close enough, you can also see the very fine shimmer in the base too! The bright red glitters actually remind me a little of Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers but the burgundy and black glitters added a lot more variation and depth to the color, making it vampier and edgier. I likeee. :v

Pictures show one coat of VPV over three coats of Silky Girl's Berry Vampish.

Closeup shot of nail - *fail*
Bottle shot for some glitter spam!
So pretty right?!

Application was pretty ok. As with glitter polishes, it is best to give that bottle some good hard shakes to loosen up the larger glitters from the bottom and sides of the bottle. If it helps, you can groove and shake to one-full song. That should be long enough to do the trick ;) The glitter is also really top-coat hungry so be prepared to plop on two or three coats of top coat for a smooth shiny finish!

And here's the color I used for the underwear: Silky Girl's Berry Vampish!

Well, as the name suggests, it's a dark berry red polish - right up my vampy alley! <3 You can't really see it in this picture but I've used up almost 4-fifth of the bottle - I love it so much! It dries really shiny because it's a jelly. This was three coats. The first coat is slightly streaky but it evens out by the second. I did a third coat for a richer color. You need to be really careful with the nail painting though because it's a nightmare to clean up! >.<

So, what do you think of these vampy shades?



  1. What a perfect name for this polish! You're right, the different coloured glitters really give it a lovely depth. Great choice of underwear too! :D

  2. Gosh that's so pretty! I agree with Elizabeth, it goes really well with the underwear polish!

  3. That looks stunning!  I like how even thought it's packed with glitter it's not overwhelming.

  4. Amazing!)
    Don't you watch true blood? 5th season is coming out today and it would be a great theme manicure)

  5. A Girl and Her PolishJune 10, 2012 at 10:52 PM

    Gorgeous! I'm not a big fan of red polishes but I would make an acception for this one! :)

  6. Pretty! This looks so good! :))

  7. Thank you Camila! Glad you like it! ^_^

  8. Thank you! And I totally agree with you! ^_^

  9. Thank you Karo! Glad you like it too! <3

  10. AWESOME!! Why didn't I think of that!? It's perfect! :D

  11. Thank you Deborah! <3 Glad you like it too ^_^

  12. So did you see the episode?))

  13. hehheh! Not yet! I am still trying to finish this other drama I've started a while ago lol!

  14. this combination is so dreamy!!!! love the base! And i love how pretty vampire looks like the glitter just floats on the nail!!!!

  15. I'm glad you like it! ^_^ It really does look very squishy <3



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