China Glaze: On Safari Collection

Ok I'm really late to the party for this one because I was trying to stick to my no-buy but I caved in a few weeks ago and ended up buying three from China Glaze's On Safari Fall Collection. :f

So here are my picks from the collection!

Exotic Encounter. 2 coats.
This is a beautiful dusty green-leaning teal. It was love at first sight when I saw swatches online and I knew I would get this sooner or later. I have a thing for dusty colors. :$

I Herd That. 3 coats.
This is a gorgeous warm gold glitter with a generous mix of bright orange/copper glitters to add depth to the look. There is also a handful of holographic glitters to add texture and sparkles. Super pretty. <3

I'm Not Lion. 3 coats.
Saved the best for the last. A sister polish to I Herd That. This is a beautiful light champagne gold glitter filled with holographic glitters and a sprinkle of silver glitters. This is definitely more holo than I Herd That. Just sit back and watch the rainbow sparkles dance on your nails. :rainbow I had thought this would be too light for my skintone but it didn't make my fingers look washed out at all. :e Super love. :L

Application for the glitters are surprisingly smooth and easy. I had some trouble with Exotic Encounters though. The formula is a little watery and random drops of polish appear out of nowhere to slide down my brush. :f I will be sure to take extra care to wipe the excess off the stem of the brush next time.

So what do you think of the On Safari collection? Did you get any of the polishes? ^_^



  1. I really like this collection, you did a great jobs swatching them, the pics are really good! :)

  2. Oooh, Exotic Encounters is a pretty color! I have a thing for teals ;) It's a shame the formula wasn't that great though. I'm still contemplating if I should get it, hmm...

  3. I picked up Desert Sun and Call of the Wild, but I really think I should pick up Exotic Encounters too. Your swatches are really nice!

  4. me toooo!! I can't resist teals <3
    So you know I would say... get it! ;)

  5. Thank you Jenni! And I would say you should try Exotic Encounters! lol! ;p

  6. Lol! Ok, will do once I get out of my no-buy this month! :)

  7. I love your swatch of Exotic Encounters, but mine looks NOTHING like that. It's much much darker, and I wouldn't even call it slightly teal. :(

  8. Oh dear, that's really strange ><
    I've checked my bottle again and it is pretty close to the color in the picture (just a wee bit darker and greener in real life). Other swatches seem to show the same color too. Maybe it looks different under different lightings?

  9. Thank you, I'm trying as hard as I can! :))

  10. Ugh, this collection is too fabulous, isn't it? I love a lot of the colors in this one! Beautiful swatches, I found you on Bloglovin'!

  11. I have to agree!! <3
    Thank you so much, Lindsey! Welcome to our blog! ^_^