Nail Ideas: Fall Fun!

It's the weekends!! *woohoo* :e
Unfortunately I had been busy for the whole of today so I didn't manage to get more swatches done. Instead, I've decided to share this nail art that I did for a nail art contest held by Kaitlin (@kaitlinferland) on Instagram:

Please ignore the tag I'm holding. It's one of the contest requirements. :)
Doesn't it look like fun?! I've always wanted to jump into a gigantic pile of leaves in fall! Unfortunately for me, we never get to enjoy the four seasons here in Singapore. :(

Here's the picture that inspired this mani:

Snoopy definitely looks cuter here! :L

This is also my first attempt at nail art using water-based acrylic paint*!
Other than the base color (OPI My Very First Knockwurst), all other details were painted using this set of acrylic paints:

A picture from because my box is a little squashed.
I've previously used purely nail polish for my nail art and I must say it is a lot easier to work with acrylic paint.

One huge advantage of acrylic paint is that it maintains the same smooth consistency for quite a while. I like to blob a drop of color on a piece of cardboard paper and work with that when I do nail art. However, polishes tend to dry up rather quickly so I find myself adding a drop of thinner now and then just to keep the polish at the right consistency for painting. As you can imagine, it gets really tedious after a while. :f Acrylic paints maintain the same workable consistency for quite a long while so that is a huge plus for me. Using acrylic paints also means that I no longer have to deal with gloopy or stringy polishes that makes painting minute details next to impossible!

Having said that, acrylic paints dries really quickly once they are painted on the nails so you don't have to wait very long to add more details or the top coat. I didn't do a tutorial for these nails but you can see how acrylic paints can be used at Polish Art Addiction. She does some amazing nail art using acrylic paints and even posts step-by-step pictorials for some of them.

I also prefer using water-based acrylic paint because I can easily wipe it off any mistake with a wet piece of tissue or cloth without having to repaint the entire nail from ground zero including the base coat. Considering how much nail art fails I have, this definitely helps me save a lot of polishes! :e

So, if you are into doing detailed nail art, I'll definitely recommend acrylic paint!
I like the consistency of these Oumaxi-s - they are easy to blend and paint. They are also well-pigmented so I didn't have to go over the same spot twice to ensure coverage.
You can find them here at KKCenterHK. (You can use the code 'ThePolishWell' for a 10% discount. Valid until 31st Jan 2013!)


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  1. So cute!!! I adore Snoopy & The Peanuts gang so this really put a smile on my face! :)

  2. I adore this mani! Are those acrylics made esp for nail art?

  3. Oh wow, that's so cool! :D I think you did a great job drawing Snoopy. I too have always wanted to jump into a pile of leaves ;) But seeing as I live in Indonesia, chances of that happening is just super slim!

  4. That is so incredibly cute, love the Snoopy!

  5. I LOVE this mani! Snoopy just really gets me in the fall/holiday spirit, with "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!", the Thanksgiving episode and the Christmas episode. You did an awesome job!

  6. this is adorable, great art work!!!

  7. Haha..verry creative..<3

  8. Thank you! I'm glad you love them too! ^_^

  9. Thank you Camila! <3
    I guess we will never get to do that unless we travel to other countries for holidays! ;)

  10. Thank you Jamie! <3
    I have to agree with you!! I love the fall and holiday-themed comic strips for Snoopy! They are so adorable and so much fun! :D