Gosh: Holographic

Back when I was a polish noob, I never understood the hype behind holographic polishes.
Then, as time passes, I started to understand the rainbow craze... or so I thought.
It was only when I finally slapped on Gosh Holographic that I truly understand why nail-aholics are obsessed with having rainbows on their nails:

Holy holo!!
Holographic. 2 coats without base or top coat.
A silver polish that explodes into a hella-mighty linear rainbow on your nails under the light. The holo is so intense that I was really speechless for a few minutes. Well, not really... I just kept saying "wow" over and over again. And I will say it again: W.O.W. :rainbow

The holo effect is so strong that it is also evident under indirect light:

A bottle shot under direct light because the rainbow is so pretty:

As you might have already heard, application is really tricky.
Out of curiosity, I tried applying it over my regular base coat and it was a complete nightmare. The formula is thin and bald patches appear each time I go over the spot with the brush. It was really frustrating.
Having satisfied my curiosity, I decided to apply it over my bare nails directly and it was much easier this time. I wouldn't say it applied like butter but application was smoother and there weren't any bald patches. I also didn't need any clean up. I took two coats to reach opacity.

As with most fantastic holo-s, wear time wasn't that fantastic. I think I will try the topcoat sandwich next time.

Despite the tricky application and horrible wear time, I will not hesitate to wear it again because it's just so mind-blowingly awesome:

Lusting after rainbows yet?
Unfortunately, Gosh Holographic was discontinued a long time. I was lucky enough to have won this from The Nailasaurus' giveaway a while ago. While Gosh has re-released it under the name "Holographic Hero", it appears that the holo effect is not as strong as the original.
Nevertheless, the new FNUG holo-s are strong contenders for the title of the holo-est holos so you might want to check them out!



  1. Wow is right!! If it's that intense in indirect light, I can't even imagine the kind of traffic you could stop in broad daylight. Seriously amazing!

  2. I'm not sure if I stopped some traffic but it definitely stopped me in my tracks a few times! ;P Love it so much! <3

  3. I'm glad you think so too!! I'm so in love with it ^_^