12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Candy Cane!

Good morning lovelies!

Today, I have yet another simple design done using a tape mani - candy cane!

This is my first time succeeding in a tape manicure because the base color usually doesn't dry fast enough for me. The tape I have is also surprisingly sticky for a cheap one. Oh wait, or are cheaper tapes stickier? =\

In any case, I've finally bought myself some Seche Vite! I saw it while I was shopping at smoochiezz' flea at Far East Plaza a few days ago. It's amazing how a fast drying top coat can change your life. Not only can I do tape mani-s within a few minutes, I can do almost anything without ruining my nails! Ok, I digressed. ><

So, to get this look, I painted my nails white before putting a coat of SV. Then I cut up the tape into strips and pasted them over the nails diagonally, leaving gaps in between. Then, I painted a coat of red before carefully peeling the tapes away. As you can see from the wobbly lines and unequal stripes, my cutting skill leaves much to be desired.

I tried to use a toothpick to paint fine diagonal lines to mimic the real candy cane stripes but gave up after one try - see the incredibly wobbly line on the pinky.

Finally, I topped the mani off with a coat of holographic glitter for some sparkles <3

Simple and cute, don't you think? :)

Polishes used:
Clatty - #92 (white)
Megan Miller - Roja*
China Glaze - Fairy Dust
*All polishes, except those with an asterisk, were purchased by me*



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