12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 - Mistletoe (french)

Here's my day 2 mani: mistletoe - french manicure style!

*shudder* the mistletoe looks far from perfect but this was my first attempt. Well, at least my family could tell that it was supposed to be a mistletoe.

The good news is that I've drastically improved after re-creating this manicure for my sister and the little girl my mum looks after (not so little anymore, she's already 10 this year). They fell in love with it and wanted to get their nails done too! After three rounds of doing the same design, my red is no longer sticking together and my leaves are more defined with sharper edges. Unfortunately, I was too tired to redo mine so I shall just stick to these pictures ;p

For this mani, I followed this tutorial:

Polishes I used:
Clatty - #92 (White)
O2 Skin - MK0220 (Red)

I admit I didn't follow the tutorial entirely... I sponged white over shimmer because Princesses Rule! looked a little too overwhelming over the white. I have to admit though, it was a breeze sponging the tips white because you don't have to be very precise about getting a straight line :D 
I had a little trouble using the toothpick for the sharp edges of the leaves but ultimately managed to get them pointy using a needle.

Overall, I really like this design. It's a very christmas-y twist to the usual french manicure. At the same time, it is still classy and feminine. With the sponging, it almost looks like you have snow on your finger tips! :) 

Let me know what you think of this design! 



  1. Thank you Kirsty! I think it's a very adorable design too! :D

  2. Eh pu! Great Job! Looking forward to the day 6 post :)

  3. Thank you <3! If everything goes to plan, my day 6 mani should be a pretty simple design too :D