Hi everyone!

I'm just popping by for a short while to say hi!... and bye :(
After a short preparatory course, the dreaded bar exam is finally lurking round the corner. All the times spent slacking instead of studying are coming back to haunt me. Looks like I'll have to work extra hard during this revision period so I apologize for not being able to post during this period! xP I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to survive the papers and make it back to blog sometime in December.

Meanwhile, I've managed to fill up the orders over the weekend:

The army of minis
Oops I didn't include the larger bottles because I was too lazy to arrange them all for a group shot.
Anyway, all of them are mixed and ready to be labelled and packed. I should be able to get them all out by this week. Thank you all so much for your patience and support! <3

Urgh. I'm missing you guys already. :c
Hope to see you when I'm back! Wish me luck for my exams! :k



  1. All the best on your exams Mich!! You can do it girl. See you when you're back! I'll miss you ;0)

  2. Good luck taking the bar! :)

  3. Good luck Mich! :) I hope you pass with flying colors! <3

  4. Good luck! And see you soon :)

  5. Thank you Camila <3 hehehh I'm just aiming for a simple pass ;p

  6. Best of luck on your exams! I'll miss your instagram posts T_T Come back soon! ^_^

  7. Thank you so much Michelle <3 I will miss (am already missing) all of you too T-T

  8. Good luck with your exams! I am in the midst of assignments so I can kind of feel your pain X_X Can't wait for your polishes to arrive at my doorstep as I'm sure that that will take the edge off the assignments :P

  9. Thank you Kay! I did some packing today and I believe I've packed yours! ;) I hope to send them out soon ^_^ and get more envelopes for the rest LOL!
    p.s. all the best for your assignments! <3

  10. Woohoo! That's exciting to hear :D Thank you for the well wishes, and I wish you luck in your acquisition of more envelopes as well! Take care!!!

  11. Best of luck to you! We'll look forward to your return! :)

  12. Best of luck, looking forward to your return! x