Annnndd I'm back!!

Yes! I made it back from the most grueling revision + exam period ever (as of now)! Cramming 8 subjects in under 4 weeks is definitely no joke and I really regret not being more hardworking before that. I really wouldn't have made it without my friends so here's a huge THANK YOU to my friends if you are reading my blog! I love all of you!

A huge THANK YOU also goes to all of you for staying here with me! I will be working on getting swatches up as soon as I settle the post-exam matters!

That aside, I've also went through the rafflecopter entries for my last giveaway and here are the lucky winners!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations ladies!!
I will be sending an email out to you so please do check your inboxes (or even spam folders)! You will have 48 hours to reply after which I will have to pick a new winner if there is no response from you.

If you did not win anything this time round, do not despair! I may or may not have something up my sleeves for you! *winks*

Yup, so that's all I have for now! See you around soon!



  1. Waah, welcome back Mich! :D Congratulations for making it through exams!

  2. Welcome back! And congratulations for surviving the exam period. Life stuff should always come before blogging and nail polish stuff, and anyone who would unfollow or loose interest just because you took a few weeks off is nuts. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the people who are really interested will still be here if you need to take a break. :) I'm looking forward to what you have coming up.

  3. Thank you Camila!! <3 It feels great to be finally done with the exams!! :D

  4. Thank you Meghan!! I really appreciate your understanding and support <33

  5. Congratulations winners! Welcome back Mich, I've missed your posts, I hope all the exams went well & now you can relax a little! xx