Color Club: Halo Hues 2013

In 2012, Color Club took the nail community by storm with their Halo Hues - a gorgeous collection of six holographic shades with excellent formula. This year, Color Club once again lived up to all our expectations by delivering six more stunning holos:

Mindblowingly holo, aren't they? I've skipped the holos last year because they were too light for my taste but the 2013 ones come in more saturated colors so I caved in and snapped them up!

Swatches below are taken under indirect light and direct morning sunlight (super sunny - Singapore style). Please excuse any awkwardness in the sunlight pictures - it was so sunny I couldn't see a thing on my camera when I took the pictures. Please also excuse the weird red glow on the bottle in some shots - I was wearing my red t-shirt and the sunlight was bouncing off it in all directions... *_*



Kismet. 2 coats.
A lime green-gold holo. I thought this would be my least favorite from this collection because I am not a lime person but seeing as I've already started using it for nail art, it looks like I do love it after all!



Cosmic Fate. 2 coats.
An orange-tan holo. Interesting color - I haven't actually seen a lot of orange holos. It is not as mannequin on me as it looks in this picture. The morning sun made my hands look more orange than it actually is.



Miss Bliss. 2 coats.
Pink holo. I am not a pink person either but this was a medium pink that was not too coy so I am ok with it. Plus, the holo-ness redeemed it all.



Eternal Beauty. 2 coats.
Another saturated color... this is a medium purple holo. Really pretty. Not my usual shade of purple but I do like it a lot.



Over The Moon. 2 coats.
A medium aqua blue holo that reminds me of Layla Ocean Rush. I am all for blues this year so naturally I had to get this.



Beyond. 2 coats.
Charcoal black holo. Gahhh... no words for this beauty.

As you can see, these colors are really holographic so it was hard for me to capture a shot to show the base colors on the nails. I was only able to capture them on swatch sticks (on a cloudy day, no less) because the plastic swatch stick dulled the holo significantly (they blaze with rainbow goodness on the underside where I paint the polish) :


Although the plastic swatch sticks dulls the holo, be rest assured that you can add a topcoat over these beauties to protect them from chipping. Thicker topcoats may dull the holo a little initially but the holo should be back to business once the topcoat dries to a thin film - at least that's my theory. :P I've tried topping them with my usual Seche Vite and it did not seem to dull the holo significantly.

Application for these pretties were excellent. Unlike other fickle holos, I did not have any trouble applying these over my usual base coat, NailTek Foundation II, and they only required two coats for complete coverage. Really, what more can I ask for? Nothing... except more holos? *flutters my lashes*

What do you think of these holos? Which ones caught your eye?



  1. Wow, these are really beautiful. Are they like some other linear holos, that chip super easily?

  2. These are so lovely :D The purple and blue caught my eye

  3. I own most of these, but not matter how many times I see them, they just make me happy. These are the new holos to beat in future collections. Your swatches are lovely!

  4. These are the ones I want. The first set that came out just did not wow me. These I LOVE! Can't wait til they show up in stores :)

  5. I must be one of the really few people who don't care much for holos ;) But the purple, blue, and charcoal are really pretty!

  6. Beyond is absolutely stunning! First black holo I've seen :D

  7. How I love these holos!!! I really need to show mine some love.

  8. I really love Kismet and Beyond a lot, I might have to get Beyond, it looks amazing! They are the best holos I have tried.

  9. Oh, these are so gorgeous!

  10. I am in love with these new Color Club holos! I have had Eternal beauty on for two days now and I can not stop staring at it! It has not chipped at all. LOVE it!

  11. I already have "Over The Moon" (right now in my hands!) and I'm crazy about it!!! I don't wanna take it off! it's so shinnyyyyy hahahaha I feel like a crow obsessed with shinny things :P

  12. Agree!
    I've worn them over NailTek Foundation II without topcoat for a full day and I didn't have any chips or tipwear. I added topcoat the next day though so I don't know how long they would have lasted without topcoat. =\

  13. Thank you!! Yes they are definitely the new holos to beat - especially formula-wise! ;)

  14. sameee! I couldn't bring myself to buy the first set but I jumped right in with these <3

  15. Subtle holos sure have their beauty too! I love them as well!
    As always, you pick the colors that I like most myself <33

  16. It is not the first black holo I've seen but it is definitely a stunner <3

  17. Yesss!! They will look awesome on you! :D

  18. I couldn't agree more! They are so holo and yet applied like a dream <33

  19. I'm glad you like them too Cathy!! :D

  20. ikr?! The formula is seriously amazing! I love this set so much!!

  21. So do I!! I do my best not to drool all over it ;P