Nail Art Brushes!

Happy Easter everyone!

I'm just popping by for a quick post because I had been really busy brewing magic potions in my cauldron for the past few days. You can catch a sneak peek of my concoctions at my Instagram page. Everything is still not finalized yet but I am hoping to get them ready soon!

In the meantime, I thought I should share one of my recent finds on Born Pretty Store:

Nail art brush p*rn! As much as I try to do my nail art with just one nail art brush, I have to admit that different nail art techniques require different nail art tools for the best effect. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this set of nail art brushes that contains almost every brush that I can think of!

The fine tipped brushes that I reach out for very often to do details.

Thicker nail art brushes - fine-tipped, flat-ended or angled. I simply must try the one-stroke nail art technique one day!

Striping brushes that are good for drawing stripes. I used to avoid these because I thought the long brushes are hard to control but I've learnt to love them.

Fan brushes! To be honest, I have been looking for them for a while now. I love how people have used them for stripes, etc.

Last but not least, a fine dotting tool for some really precise dots.

Just in case you are wondering, you can find this set of 15 brushes (Item ID: 439) at the Born Pretty Store here for only about US$6 (definitely value for money if you ask me)! Born Pretty Store also has a wide range of nail art products and provide free worldwide shipping. Feel free to quote "HDL91" for a 10% discount when you checkout:

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  1. That's quite a nice set - can't wait to see what you do with the fanbrush :).

  2. Nice set! Kicking myself now for not picking them up on my last order. $6 is really great value! Can't wait to see the gorgeous nail art you do with these <3

    Aaand also, I saw on your IG widget that you're working on a Big Bang inspired polish?? If so, I'm going to faint now! I love BB! :))

  3. Ikr!? I nearly did a double take when I saw it was just $6 ;)
    and yes I hope to be able to come up with a collection for Big Bang! I didn't know you are a fan too - we really do have a lot in common!! <3 Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for this collection! :D

  4. Yeah, if you tell me now that your favorite member is Taeyang, I'll be really shocked ;)

    As for ideas, I think it'd be cool to have a color inspired by the sea of crown glow sticks at their concerts. I've never been to an actual concert myself, but I imagine it's surreal to see so many tiny lights <3 Maybe a bluish black jelly with a mix of yellow glitters? ;)

    Some photos:

    Or you can also do something turquoise like TOP's hair :D

    Aaand this comment somehow turned out longer than I expected. Sorry for rambling! 8D

  5. Yes I simply find the time to play with these :D