OPI: Euro Centrale 2013

Yay! I am finally done going through the pre-orders so I took some time to play with some of the pretties that I've got this week!

Presenting... *drumroll*... my picks from OPI's Euro Centrale collection!

Oh my... look at those blues!! They stole my heart the minute I saw them in the preview picture. :L


My Vampire Is Buff. 3 thin coats.
A pretty pale yellow-toned beige. A bit more beige than what this picture shows - closer to the color in the first picture. I don't usually buy shades like these (especially yellows) but I love how soft and delicate this is!


You're Such A Budapest. 3 thin coats.
A pretty periwinkle with very subtle blue and pink shimmer. You can see the shimmer in the bottle (pic below) but it doesn't show up very much on the nails (close-up on left). Oh and I absolutely love the name for this one - too cute!


Can't Find My Czechbook. 2 coats.
A gorgeous aqua blue that is both bright and dusty at the same time. It is dustier looking than what the picture shows - closer to what the swatch stick shows. Definitely more gorgeous than what I can capture. Love the name too!


OPI... Eurso Euro. 2 coats.
A vibrant deep cobalt blue - another stunner. I had a super hard time trying to photograph this - somehow my camera picks up the vibrance but couldn't handle the richness of the blue. The first picture shows how rich and deep the cobalt is.
And, yes this is almost an exact dupe of a hot favorite: Revlon Royal. Almost... but not really. I wanted to do a comparison but I realized I've used up my Revlon. I need to head out and get one asap. On the swatch sticks, Eurso Euro is slightly more red-toned and is less jelly/squishy as compared to Royal (let me know if you want a picture). They do smell the same though - probably because they used the same ingredient.


I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw. 2 coats.
Ahhh... a rich midnight blue. Another head-turner. No way I could pass it up.

Formula-wise... I did have some trouble with certain shades.
My Vampire Is Buff and You're Such A Budapest were slightly thin and streaky. I had to use three coats and even then, I am not entirely satisfied with how they look.
OPI... Eurso Euro is a crelly (creme-jelly) so application was a bit tricky as well. Too much exposure to the air and it will start to thicken up. If that happens, cap the bottle and give it a little shake before painting again.
Warsaw and Can't Find My Czechbook applied beautifully.

So what do you think of these colors? Which Euro Centrale colors caught your eye?



  1. Awesome picks!!! This is such a nice collection. My other love from this collection is Polka.com. I love that glitter!

  2. Your post is right on time! I'm wearing blue for the first time of my life today (Tristam - a england) and I'm in love with that color! Warsaw and Czechbook are definetly on my to buy list!

  3. Such great photos! really nice :) I'm glad I picked up "Czechbook" but now I may have to get more.

  4. I love your swatches! These might be the best I've seen! I also love how neatly you've painted your swatch sticks, mine look so terrible haha

  5. Could you come over & paint my nails? Your edges are soooo perfect!!!

  6. My Vampire is Buff most definitely will be part of my stash at some point, I love it! Also still in doubt about that last blue.

  7. Gorgeous swatches, as usual! I always love your picks, we have very similar taste! ;)
    My favorite of the collection is Eurso Euro, but I have CG First Mate and they look really similar! I'm thinking of getting Czechbook and my Vampire is Buff :)

  8. I don't know why I skipped that glitter but I am definitely regretting it now!

  9. Yesss I'm loving blues so hard this year!! <33

  10. Thank you kanna! <3 These colors are definitely not to be missed! ;)

  11. aww thank you Lexie! You're too sweet <33

  12. Yes MVIB is definitely good one! I love the blues so... yes to that too! ;P

  13. Thank you Camila dear! <3
    Yes I think Czechbook and MVIB are worth getting but omg how did I miss out First Mate!? It is so pretty!!

  14. I think First Mate is a bit dustier than Eurso Euro, but it is a really pretty color. I actually just discovered it a few months ago :)

  15. Lovely photos! I want all of these! xx

  16. Thank you dear <3
    Ooo I love dusty colors! Gotta look around for it one day!

  17. Thank you Lydia! The colors are so gorgeous! OPI did great with this spring collex! :D

  18. Ack, I can't believe I just realized this - I meant First Mate and Warsaw are similar, not First Mate and Eurso Euro! ;p Sorry, my bad!