China Glaze: Sunsational Cremes

Hola!! After enduring a terrible work week, I thought I would chase away all my sorrows and brighten up my weekend with some neons (pun completely intended)!

Despite all the hype over neon colours in the polish community, I have always avoided neons because I found them too stark and too eye catching for my taste... that is, until I saw the promotional pictures of China Glaze's neon releases for summer 2013. The pastels called to me and my eyes were immediately drawn to the blues and greens. I knew I had to have them. And I was right! Take a look:

Disclaimer 1: I've tried my best-est of best-est to get colour accurate pictures but my camera just refused to handle so much awesomeness. They are brighter in person.

Disclaimer 2: I did not go for any tanning session. The neons are so bright that my camera (and even my eyes) decided that I must have become tanner some what. Silly them.


Too Yacht to Handle.
Yup, this is a almost-neon sister of the famous For Audrey. It looks identical to For Audrey but when you put them side by side, you will notice the difference immediately. Too Yacht to Handle is a bajillion times brighter and For Audrey looks really dusty in comparison. Too Yacht to Handle also comes across as being slightly greener. Both are gorgeous in their own right.


Hightlight of My Summer.
A yellow-leaning pastel mint green. I really like it more than I'd expected. It is really bright. I'd thought Illamasqua Nomad is bright but it pales next to Highlight of My Summer. Nomad also has a tinge more blue than Highlight of My Summer. Yup, I do love these two colours.


Sun of A Peach.
An eye-searing neon peach. Ughhh I love this so much - unexpected favourite. Awesome colour with an awesome name to match. Just plain awesome. I wore it when I dropped by my workplace during my call break (needed to settle some personal matters) and my friend was completely blown by how fluorescent my nails were. Yup it is that bright.


Neon & On & On.
A neon pink with just a touch of coral. I thought I wouldn't like it but the coral is making me mince my words. Also an unexpected favourite.


Bottoms Up.
A neon bubblegum pink with a touch of blue. I am sure this would grace Barbie's nails during summer.


That's Shore Bright.
A bright red-leaning purple. The least neon of the collection - is it a neon? Nonetheless, it is still a fun summery colour to sport.

Now, you may have already heard of this already. The formula of these colours are not the nicest to work with. They apply streakily and do not level on their own. I suspect the white in the pastels is not playing nice - as usual. I found that it helped a little to use piCture pOlish's Revolution (meant to be a glitter base but it did not work as well as I had hoped it would be) - the colours applied less patchily that way. Seche Vite did wonders to level out the streakiness as well.

Nonetheless, I am really head-over-heels in love with the sunsational cremes. I liked that they are not the usual highlighter colours. They look less stark that way, don't you agree?

Ever since I have received them in my mail, I've pulled them out countless times to wear them one way or another. Just before I came back to work, I did this completely work-inappropriate mani just because I can ;)


I started with a white base and randomly sponged on the colours from the Sunsational cremes before topping them with a coat of black shatter. Oh yes, shatters do look good once in a while ;)

So what do you think of the Sunsational cremes?
My personal favourites are Sun of a Peach, Too Yacht to Handle, Highlight of My Summer and Neon & On & On... ok. That's not really helping :P
Which colour is your favourite?

Stay tuned for swatches of the other half of the collection ♥

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  1. you did a great job with these colors! they all look so pretty! And I'm in love with your combo with black shatter!

  2. Do I even have to say it? Lovely swatches as usual, Mich! ;) This looks like a fun collection! I myself am not really a fan of neon polishes but I like Neon & On & On, so pretty ugh. And also that shatter combo looks awesome <3 <3 <3

    Alsoo, did you know that Big Bang is coming to SG this September for F1?? I wish I could go! D:

  3. Love love love your swatches and your nail art with the black shatter!

  4. Your swatches are beautiful! I got Bottoms Up! and you are so right about it being Barbie pink, it's definitely a Barbie colour in real life! I love the look of Sun of a Peach.x

  5. aw thanks love! <3<3
    So I've heard!!! Way too awesomeeee <3333 Could you not find time to come during that period?

  6. Thank you Lilith <3 I'm glad you like them ^_^

  7. Thank you dear <3 Bottoms Up is definitely a fun and girly colour for summer! And that Sun of a Peach - cannot be missed! ;)

  8. I'd love to, but I don't think I can make it. I have to work that day, boooo :(

  9. This was an excellent review with excellent pics! Thank you. I have been trying to decide whether I should get the entire collection of just Sun of a Peach.

  10. Thank you Aziajs! I am glad you like them <3 I would definitely recommend all of the cremes ;)