China Glaze: Sunsational Jellies

Finally, the second half of the China Glaze Sunsational Collection - the jellies!

As you may have already heard, some of the jellies are quite sheer so I chose to layer all the colours over white in my swatches below.


Isle See You Later. 4/5 coats over white.
A blue jelly. The sheerest of the whole collection. It is so sheer that I wouldn't advise you to try getting it to reach opacity on its own. Because it is so sheer, the blue does not come across as deep as it looks in the bottle. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous bright baby blue on the nails when layered over white.


Keepin' it Teal. 4 coats over white.
A green-leaning teal jelly that is also on the sheer side but slightly better than Isle See You Later.


Shell-O. 4 coats over white.
A coral orange jelly that screams fluorescent. With my thing for corals at the moment, it is no surprise that I really like this one.


Heat Index. 3 coats over white.
Bright hot pink jelly. Very aptly named. Hmmm... I think the next time I will add another coat or two to get closer to the bottle colour. I am surprised that I quite like this one.


You Drive Me Coconuts. 3 coats over white.
A relatively more muted pink with blue undertones as compared to Heat Index. It is still very bright though. The formula is one of the better ones in this half of the collection - I suspect it can actually reach opacity on its own.


Are You Jelly? 3 coats over white.
Another bright purple! It is also more opaque but the formula is a little patchy.

Now that you've seen all the swatches of the China Glaze Sunsational collection, which ones are your favourite?
(psst! If you've missed out on my previous post, you can check out the first half of the Sunsational collection here.)

On the whole, formula aside, I must say I really enjoyed the colours that China Glaze has put out for this summer. I am especially in love with the cremes. Because of them, I am officially a neon convert now. No kidding, even as I type, I am wearing some of them as a gradient on my toes - no worries, I won't be posting pictures of that. ;)

 photo xoxo_zpsaad7ebe5.png

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  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)July 28, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    These are all so beautiful!! Great swatches as always!!

  2. Yeah, I love the colors in your pictures but I just won't be doing 4/5 coats over a white base... that's just too much :(.

  3. A Girl and Her PolishJuly 28, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    Fantastic idea layering it over a white! I still can't get over the formula with this collection. So disappointing! But your swatches are gorgeous! :)

  4. I'm impressed that you chose to layer these over white - I haven't seen any other reviews that did that. I love that blue but it doesn't seem worth the hassle. The creams, however, I love!

  5. Fernanda BereniceJuly 28, 2013 at 11:32 PM

    Yay!!! I was waiting for this post!!! Thank you!!!
    I don't think I'll get one of these jellys, I love the colours but they are so sheer... Dunno... I don't wanna use them with white undies, it looses the grace of being jelly, right?

    Thanks for showing them Mich! :D

  6. Yes! I am Jelly!!! They are so pretty <3

  7. Thank you dear <3
    It is such a pity the formula isn't better! :(

  8. Thank you Kelli! I couldn't agree more with you! The cremes are kickass <3

  9. You're most welcome Fernanda <3
    I have to say though, some of the sheerer shades do still retain a slight jelly look even when layered over white ;)

  10. hahah!! I am glad you like them ^_^

  11. how did you get them to send you polishes to review?