Rainbow Honey: The Summer of 199X

So back in those days when WoW was just introduced to the world, gamers were apparently getting their kick from SNES Earthbound. I had never tried it myself because I was still too young and probably rolling stupidly in the sand at a playground near my house.

Nonetheless, I was totally psyched up when Rainbow Honey announced its newest collection, Summer of 199X featuring 10 new colors inspired by Earthbound. Even though I could not identify the references to the game, there is no denying the beauty of these polishes. Rainbow Honey generously sent three polishes for me to share - just take a look:


Mint Flavor. 3 thin coats.
Part aqua, part baby blue, part shimmer, this was hands down the best window flavor. Because...you taste windows, right?
A soft aqua blue with subtle green shimmer. I especially love that flash of shimmer. Formula was a bit tricky (as with most pastels) but totally worth it. So delicate and pretty. Easily my favourite of the trio. ♥

Apple Kid. 2 coats.
This bright and rosy fuchsia creme won't build you any useful contraptions but it is filled with more shimmer than you can shake a Pencil Eraser at.
A brilliant hot pink with tiny pink flecks that shimmer and shine when they catch the light. Very flattering on the nails - definitely a head-turner.


I Miss You. 1 coat dabbed over Essence Hello Marshmallow.
I Miss You is a pastel rainbow of glitters and shimmer, these butterflies are sure to cure the homesick traveler.
A delicate pastel glitter mix filled with primarily baby blue and pink glitters and a generous sprinkle of tiny iridescent glitters and blue shimmer. The formula is a tad thicker than the other two colours but the glitters apply easily over the nail. I did have to prod at the larger glitters a little to place them where I want them to be.

And just because I can, I added a matte top coat over them for a daintier effect ♥


Yup, Rainbow Honey most definitely hit the ball out of the park with this collection! Apart from these trio, they also have other mind-blowing glitters and pretty shimmers - something for everyone!

So what do you think of these colours?
Which colours from the Summer of 199X caught your eye?

Rainbow Honey is available on their website. They do not ship internationally but international girls can also get their hands on RH pretties through their stockists. ^_^
You may also wish to follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook for more updates.

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  1. Fernanda BereniceJuly 13, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    I think "I miss you" is my favourite! I'm not used to see combinations of litter like that! :)

  2. They're so pretty! My favourite from that collection is Magic Cake, but they don't ship internationally and the distributors have outrageous shipping prices :(

  3. Wow, those flecks in Apple Kid are stunning!

  4. Ah, these are gorgeous! I think you already know my favorite ;) I'm eying that neon glitter topper from the same collex, I think it looks cute :)

  5. It is definitely a pretty unique mix! :D

  6. Oh yes! That is a really fun glitter topper! I have to agree it is really unfortunate that they don't offer international shipping :(

  7. Would I be surprised if it is the same as mine? ;p And yes the neon glitter topper looks really fun indeed!