TPW Polishes

I started frankening as a hobby a few months ago because I was unsatisfied with some of the polishes that I bought. Instead of throwing them away, I mixed them to create something that I would actually love and wear. After posting them on my blog, I have received quite a few requests to purchase them so that's how everything started! ;)
I draw my inspiration from everything around me. From there, I brainstorm, research, fine-tune and perfect the colors until I am satisfied with them. It is a long and tiring process but I enjoyed it immensely. I hope that you will also love my creations as much as I do!

I take orders primarily through my Etsy shop but occasionally take pre-orders as well.
At the moment, due to work commitments, I have temporarily placed my Etsy store on hiatus. I will be reconsidering my plans for the store and will update when I've firmed up my plans.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the polishes that I've made so far. (Links to swatches in the headers!)

7 Deadly Sins

Retro Summer

The Jewels


Coraline (LE)

Catching Fire



La NPA Mouton said...

Oh my god, so excited about those beauties! Please let me know how to order. I'm from France and just wrote to you everywhere on your IG profile ahah! My email address is
Thanks, crossing my fingers right now <3

Unknown said...

I would love love love to place an order with you if at all possible! I can be reached at Please reach out to me if this is at all a possibility. Thank you!

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