Givenchy: Vernis à Ongles #721 (and Pink Cracked, OPI I Lily Love You)

Hey all!

Here to introduce a French nail lacquer by Givenchy!

It is a very lovely polish that looks ordinary on the outside, but do not be deceived! It is an amazing polish. It is the type of nail polish that you will never buy when you go to the shop, but will only buy when you've seen the colour on your friend's nail and go: 'Wow! What colour is that you have on?!'

I'm sorry I can't do a full swatch this time because I broke my nails moving stuff around in my new place, but the beauty can be brought out by the single nail alone.

The base is a 'cheerful' brown; may seem like an awkward expression but you would have to see it for yourself.

And to my surprise, it has a fine orange shimmer that catches the light and the eye beautifully. I love the orange-red tinge that complements the brown so well, in a way I never knew could be possible (I think it's because I'm biased against brown; I would never buy brown polish on its own, and I got this only because the bottle looked pink/purplish. I must have been distracted). Click on the picture above to witness the orange shimmer for yourself!

These are two amazing pictures (from different angles) that showed the raspberry purple under white light!! Look at that!

This is a picture under natural light =))

I think the polish would look great on the relatively fair-skinned, and complement the clothes in your wardrobe which are of warm colours - that dark red sexy gown or the royal purple gorgeous dress that you have always wanted to wear. Top this off with a deep coloured lipstick and you're ready for that date!


So after a few days (yes, you got that right, the polish lasted unchipped for a few days!!), I went shopping and decided to try on this Cracked polish (similar idea to OPI Shatter) - Pink! Here I put 2 layers, verticle strokes. Added on another layer of OPI I Lily Love You (emphasis on tip of nail). 7 layers of nail polish later, TADAA!!



  1. That is a GORGEOUS polish!!! :D

  2. yep it is!! =D givenchy's application is really smooth too, if you've tried their polishes ^_^
    - jayo