OPI: Princesses Rule!

The babe of today:
OPI Princesses Rule! (3 coats)
OPI Princesses Rule! (3 coats)
Like Who Needs A Prince, Princesses Rule is also from the old OPI Princess Charming Collection. And boy does this girly shimmer make me feel like a princess!

The base colour is a very flattering sheer light pink which gives the natural nails the light rosy and healthy tinge. 

More importantly, PR is packed with shimmer. Most of the time, the shimmer appears silvery white, giving the nails a touch of royal elegance. From far, it even takes on a slight foil finish because of the dense silvery shimmer. But under direct light... 

IT'S AWESOME! The nails literally come to life with the shimmer sparkling and dancing on them! It flashes a myriad of colours: pink, blue, green, gold, silver.... I've tried to capture it on my camera but it just couldn't handle the sparkles. So I ended up taking a blurry picture to show you the different colours on the nail. 

I simply couldn't take my eyes off them while I am walking under the sun! On hindsight, it must have been quite strange to see a girl holding out her hands on the pavement, trying to catch the sunlight. >< Ah wells, I am just glad I didn't walk right into a tree or something. It would have been extremely embarrassing!

For those who prefer less of a distraction...

Here it is with one coat:

OPI: Princesses Rule! (1 coat)
OPI: Princesses Rule (1 coat)
And with two coats:

OPI: Princesses Rule (2 coats)
OPI: Princesses Rule (2 coats)
Pretty, aren't they? ^_^



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