Skin Food BW 701 and French Nail Colour 019 (Silver)

Another boring old black polish..


Here is a fabulous deep midnight blue nail polish (with a tinge of purple as you can see from the other fingers) from the famous Korean cosmetic brand, Skin Food. It has a very dense shimmer and the blue is so deep and dark that you can just get lost staring at it.

this is under natural light..

and this is under white light!

Here's a closer look (again natural light and white light)!

This is just one layer of the polish and it covers the nail smoothly and evenly. The brush is also long and the application is done with ease. I am not taking a picture of the brush so you have to take my word for it. In any case, Skin Food outlets usually have testers so you can try it yourself when you get there! =))

I have recently acquired a French Nail Art Polish (Silver) - there are many other beautiful colours out there - and it has extremely dense glittery bits which I just love. Bling is the thing yo!

I must admit that I didn't really give much thought to what I want to draw on my nail, so I just went along with this pattern, which I used to use ink pen to draw on my nail when I am bored..

The advantage of this pattern is that it matters not how long the nail is, and there's a bit of free style involved. Pretty important, judging from how often my nails break *points to nail on middle finger*

On the ring finger you can see that random dots of glitter can make it look like little twinkling stars in the dark and clear night sky. Very pretty!! ^_^

The silver glitter goes well with any of your dark shimmery polish. But warning! It will not look good if you use it on pastel colours, light shades, sweet pink or creme polishes!

All in all, another beautiful polish to go with a lovely night of glitsy glamour. If you girls have any suggestions for nail art, do leave a comment for us, and we will try it out next time!

Till then,


  1. Skin Food brushes are amazing! Possibly my favourite nail polish brush! I use their Nail Vita base coat and I love it!

  2. yes!! the brush is awesome right? love it. made for great ease in application! i haven't tried their base coat. perhaps i should give it a shot after my current one is finished ^_^