Nail Ideas: My Cousin's Wedding

My cousin is getting married today!
Finally, a wedding to attend! :D The last wedding I'd attended was...... so long ago that I can't even remember. -_- If it is any indication, their son has already grown into a mischievous little toddler!

Since it is such a special occasion, I've finally decided to dress up my nails a bit and try my hand at sponging gradient nails! I've been meaning to try this technique after seeing the awesome sunset mani by blanketprint and Cristina's gradient nails.

After much fumbling, this is the messy result:

Please excuse the horrible marks on the ring finger and pinkie. I knew I should have done this wayyyyy before bedtime. ><

And under direct sunlight...

Ah... I do so love the glittery tips! They just flash so many colours!
I added the glitter tips after finding the nail a little dull after the sponging.

These are the polishes that I've used for this mani:

From left to right:
Nail Tek Foundation II, Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturing 4-in-1 Treatment, OPI Who Needs A Prince, OPI The One That Got Away, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and some unknown sheer glitter polish that was given to me by my neighbour.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with my first attempt at sponging. -smug

Edit: Found a matching ring which used to belong my great-grandma!

What do you guys think? :)