Ozotic: 908

A few days ago, Ozotic released eight new shades in two separate lines / collections - Sugar and Beam. While these are a break from the usual ozotic duochromes and multichromes, they still take my breath away. Well, honestly, it's hard not to be tempted by the official description:
Inspired by 'reflecting luminous light beams' hence the moonlight colours with sparks! 
908 is jam-packed with green and pink sparks! 
Over black or wear on its own so versatile! 
Layer over black and see 908 explode on your nail reinventing itself to light changing crystals simply amazing! 
A magical transformation in appearance that you need to see to believe! 
Colour varies depending on the angle the light falls on your nail!
Let's take a look at 908:

3 coats on its own.
Ozotic 908 is a clear-based polish filled with small green and pink flecks. It is so packed with flecks that you can actually build it up to opacity in just three coats, or four if you don't like VNLs. At three coats, Ozotic 908 looks like a shimmery metallic/platinum off-white from afar. The green and pink flecks add an interesting touch to the white when they catch the light. I'm not sure if the moonlight flashes green and pink like this but it sure is very pretty.

1 coat over black.
The flecks get thrown into the foreground once it is layered over a dark base. You can see the green and pink hues clearly and I even caught glimpses of *gasp* gold and purple! The flecks are duochrome after all! It is not very obvious from this picture but the color shift is there. It would be stronger if I had done 2 coats or one thicker coat. The green is still the strongest hue though.

And because I think it looks very delicate at just one thin coat on its own, here's a picture with 1 coat over OPI Barre My Soul (to hide my stained tips o"o). I love how soft it looks here! It is almost like Essie's Pure Pearlfaction but with bigger flecks in green and pink.

Application was great. I had no problems getting the flecks to spread evenly over the nails. But like I've said, this is really jam-packed with flecks so you may want to go easy on the polish if you don't want it to overwhelm your base color - just take a little polish and spread it thinly over the nails.

So, what do you think of Ozotic 908?

The new Ozotic shades are now available for purchase on Star Trinkets for S$19.80 each. The price includes postage for Singapore addresses, but there is an additional S$2.50 charged per order for Registered Mail. All orders are sent by Registered Mail. Star Trinkets ships internationally.
The shades are also available for purchase on the piCture pOlish site for AUD$13.00 each. International shipping rates are available on the site.


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  1. that's a very pretty polish!! I think it looks also great on its own!!

  2. It's so delicate on its own and I love it over the black as well!

  3. I think so too! Glad you like it! ^_^

  4. This is too gorgeous! It's so versatile! You could layer it over so many different colors and and it would be whole new look each time. Beautiful!