Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Librarian's Shush & Sparkleshell

Happy Sunday everyone!!
Weekends are fast becoming my favorite time of the week but, urgh, it is just too short! If I run the country, I would decree that we should all work on weekends and rest on weekdays... right. :et

So anyway, here are some swatches of my recent haul from Shoppe Eceleticco - yup, MOAR Femme Fatale Cosmetics!! :e

Librarian's Shush. 3 coats.
A soft light grey filled with a mix of white, black and silver glitters. I bought this after seeing a swatch, thinking that it was a latte with black, white and brown glitters but for some reason, mine turned out to be quite different. I must admit being a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong - this is pretty but I was hoping to get some nude glitters for work. 8|


Sparkleshell. 3 coats.
A soft yellow-white / ivory color with brown, yellow-gold, purple and periwinkle glitters. I fell in love with the unique combination and it sure didn't disappoint! I am not too sure what it is meant to resemble but Google gave me this:

and lots of other reference to World of Warcraft? I am not a gamer so pardon me if I am a bit perplexed.

Formula-wise, I am very happy to report that everything was a-ok! Not much glitter fishing was needed this time round because the glitters are not too large or heavy.

So, what do you think of these FFCs?



  1. Ooh, love these glitters! Librarian's Shush is pretty! I actually like it better gray than nude :)

  2. A Girl and Her PolishMarch 3, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    Oh my!!! I want these! Beautiful! :)

  3. From your swatch librarian shush looks a little like they have pinkish glitters but it's just the reflection. I still think that one looks great

  4. Glad you like them too, love! :D I am fast falling in love with FFC <3

  5. Yes! They will look gorgeous on you! :D

  6. Oh oops! I think the pink is from my red t-shirt o"o But yes, I think it is so pretty too! ^_^

  7. Ohh Mich, that's a shame about LS. You really should let Sophie know, it may be an off batch you recieved. In sure she'd welcome your feedback.