Introducing... Vedure!

I made it to the weekends!!! After slogging my guts out at work for the past five days, I can finally take a deep breath and have several sets of forty winks. I nearly even did a celebratory rain dance when I woke up to a promisingly cloudy sky (I haven't seen rain for more than a month)... well, except that it rained for the whole of a glorious five minutes. Still better than nothing I guess.

Random ramblings aside, I am very very excited to share today's post with you, especially fellow Singaporeans!

I am sure many of you will agree with me that Singapore is not one of the best places for a nail polish addict to live in. I have lost count of how many times I lamented about the mediocre selection of nail polishes in Singapore. Of course, I am not complaining about indie polishes as these have largely been taken care of by our online retailers. But, we do have a surprising lack of mainstream nail polishes. Until recently, the only mainstream nail polishes available in Singapore are probably only OPI and China Glaze and these were only found in nail salons. Thankfully, more brands are starting to make their way to Singapore. OPI and China Glaze are now available via blogshops. You can also find small pockets of polishes stashed away in counters at drug stores and departmental stores. But that's still hardly enough to satisfy a nail addict's needs.

I was more or less resigned to do major hauls during my travels until I came to know of a shop that might just change the whole 'nail scene' in Singapore! Ladies (and gentlemen)... say hello to VEDURE!

As some of you may be aware, Vedure is an award-winning medispa and aesthetic clinic that offers a range of services to pamper your face, body and nails. Not only that, I recently came to know that Vedure also has an incredible selection of polishes for sale! Just take a look:

Credit: Vedure
Didn't that just totally blew your mind away?! It certainly took my breath away when I first laid my eyes on it. Nail polishes are on your left, right and center and there's only one word to describe it - HEAVEN!

I didn't remember to take any pictures during my trip there because I was just too overwhelmed with the pretties before my eyes so I've used this picture from Vedure instead. The display is still the same but unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I think there are more nail polishes on the shelves now.

Some of the polishes available for sale include:

China Glaze - no introduction needed
Ruby Wing (3-free, colour changing nail polishes from USA)
Ginger+Liz (5-free, vegan friendly nail polishes from USA)

Credit: Vedure
Morgan Taylor (3-free polish from USA)
FNUG (3-free, caviar-enriched polish from Denmark)
OPI - no introduction needed
JINsoon (5-Free nail polish from celebrity manicurist Choi Jin Soon)

Credit: Vedure
Vedure has since expanded its selection of Ruby Wing polishes and are carrying the full range of Ruby Wing polishes. They have also started carrying several LVX polishes and Sheswai polishes.

With so many brands available at Vedure, I am sure you can see why I was so mindblown. This must be the single largest selection I have seen at any counter in Singapore!
And that's not all! Vedure is keen to bring EVEN MORE nail polish brands into Singapore!! This is truly music to my ears and brings much joy to my little NPA soul ~♥

Apart from the nail polishes, Vedure also carries a neat selection of nail tools, nail care products and nail art kits (including some from Color Club) for the DIY-ers. If this isn't a one-stop shop for all our nail needs, I don't know what is.

And if you are not in the mood to do your own nails (yes, nail girls do have such moments) or when you simply want someone to fuss over and pamper your nails OR when you simply want to try one of the colours without committing to buy a full bottle, you can opt to have one of Vedure's manicure/pedicure or nail spa services!

Credit: Vedure
I have yet to try the services myself but I do intend to. Not only have I heard good reviews about their services (award-winning!), I am sorely tempted by their selection of polishes. Apart from the brands listed above, they also have colours from Layla (yup, the brand that caught the nail community by storm with their crazy holographic and chrome polishes)! This is truly something that cannot be offered by many other nail salons in Singapore.

So... are you as excited as I am?! Do you see why I was nearly delirious with joy when I had a tour of their store at Robinson Orchard?!
What colours/brands are you most excited to see? What other nail polish brands would you like to see at Vedure?

Vedure has outlets at Robinsons JEM, Wheelock Place and Robinsons Orchard (Heeren). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

p.s. to top everything off, the Singapore Illamasqua counter was just a couple of feet away! I would have popped by Illamasqua if I weren't rushing off for a meeting that day :(

Do share this little nail polish heaven with your friends and stay tuned for some swatches and more goodies coming your way ;)

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**The views expressed in this post are what I truly felt and are in no way affected simply because I was invited for a tour of their outlet. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.**


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