Jindie Nails: Barbie's Nightmare & Sexy Barbie

Before I knew it, another weekend has passed! I spent the entire Saturday at the Singapore Expo for the NATAS travel fair so I am totally beat today. On the bright side.... I will be going to TIBET with my family come this July!! Woots~ I hesitated to take up this tour package at first because of the cost but in the end, I couldn't resist the exotic pull of Tibet and the rest was history. Now, all I need is my boss' approval for my leave before the trip is confirmed! I am so excited!!! Has anyone been to Tibet before? Do share your experience with me if you have! :D

Trips aside, I am sharing two shades from a new-to-me brand, Jindie Nails!

Barbie's Nightmare. 4 thin coats.
A white jelly filled with large glitters of various shapes - star, crescent, square, dot - and colours - black, silver, neon pink and red. I love the colour mix and the unique glitters in this colour. I suspect fans of large glitters may love this shade though I would love it more if it has some smaller glitters or shimmers in the mix too.

Sexy Barbie. 4 thin coats.
A bright neon pink jelly filled with dots of various sizes and colours - silver, fuchsia, red. The pink is really bright and squishy but appears to drown out some of the smaller glitters.

Application is slightly tricky for these colours. The formula is great but, as always, the large glitters need some fishing from the bottle and prodding on the nails - which explains my love-hate relationship with such glitters. Oh wells. We can't always have the pie and eat it too. Some of the glitters in these colours appear to be slightly thicker than usual so you may require an additional coat of top coat or two for a smooth finish.

What do you think of these colours? What other shades from Jindie Nails do you love?

These two shades from Jindie Nails are exclusively available from Mei Mei's Signatures.

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  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)March 2, 2014 at 8:41 PM

    I love Sexy Barbie!! Really pretty!

  2. Very cute! Love the soft colors. These look great! Its perfect Check this also nail accessories and much more! UV color gels