a-england: Lady of the Lake

Hello lovelies!

I thought it is appropriate to start the first polish post in 2012 with one of my favorite polishes - Lady of the Lake (LotL) from a-england!

a-england has made a huge splash amongst polish addicts since it launched its first collection. And for good reasons too! The colors are gorgeous, the formula is fantastic and its founder, Adina, is ever so sweet to everyone <3

Before I forgot, here's a brief character introduction by a-england:
LADY OF THE LAKE the iconic hand with sword
(Foster mother of Lancelot) a woman of great magical power. She resided in the murky water of a lake, an otherworld. She presented the mythical sword Excalibur to King Arthur with her hand emerging from the water.
I apologize for the lack of an appropriate picture of the Lady but I wasn't entirely satisfied with those that I saw on google image search. They either can't be used or can't seem to portray that element of mystery and magic that I associate with the Lady and the otherworldly lake.
But I'm glad that these come across quite strongly here:

Isn't this gorgeous? The purple twin of Tristam!

Not only does the purple add a hint of mystery, it really highlights the feminine side of the polish and adds just a touch of royal elegance to it.

And add some magical holographic action et voila!

The holo in LotL is stronger than that in Tristam and shows up quite clearly even without direct sunlight.

Even if you are not a fan of medieval stories, I can't see how you can resist this purple beauty! In the shade, it reminds me the dusk with fleeting glimpses of the night stars. *swoons*

Just like Tristam, the formula here is perfect and applies like butter. One careful coat should be enough although I used two for swatching purposes. And yes, no top coat for all the pictures above! It dries shiny and lasted a week without a chip before I took it off. I'm in love~~

Which do you prefer - Tristam or Lady of the Lake?
I know I can't decide so I'm glad I bought the both of them! :D

On a related note, I can't wait for a-england's new collection - The Legend! *jumps around in excitement* Just in case you haven't already heard, Eugenia already has some swatches done on a nail wheel here. Not only are there knights, princesses, dragons and brides, the colors are gorgeous! I love them!
Now, if only my bank account is less empty... :(



  1. This is so beautiful! I only have Tristam, so I can't really say which one I prefer. But I do know that this looks awesome!!

  2. Yes!! Both of them are fantastic! :D

  3. They're both gorgeous! Wish I had them haha :P

  4. Yup! They have free international shipping too! :))

  5. i like tristam moreeee! BUT this one is really pretty toooo!

  6. Haha I knew you will like Tristam more! ;p

  7. this is soooo pretty on your nails!!! *drools 
    much prefer this over trisham! (:

  8. thank you Cheryl! I think it will look pretty over anyone's nails! :D