Upcoming Collections in 2012!


I hope everyone enjoyed themselves with the countdown! I didn't stay up for it because I've been, and still am, nursing a flu for a few days now. :( I had thought to come up with some nail art for the New Year but wasn't really in the mood with all the sniffing and stuff.

Instead, I shall share with you some of the collections that are said to be scheduled for release this year! I've first read about these on Inky Polisholicious and The Crimson Petal. I can't wait for them to be released!! :D

If you've gotten your tissues / hankies ready (to clean up the drool)...

First, we have some collections from OPI.

OPI: Nicki Minaj Collection
img src
There are six new shades in this collection, including the Super Bass Shatter. Although not really my usual kind of colors, I must say they really reflect Nicki Minaj's style! You can see some swatches by Eugenia here.

OPI: Holland Spring Collection
img src
This collection has 12 new shades - 5 cremes and 7 shimmers. They may not look like much in the picture here but they sure look awesome in the swatches. If you haven't already seen them, Sam from Fashion Polish has two swatch posts for the cremes and shimmers. No prizes for guessing which ones I'm eyeing - almost all the shimmers! I'm really digging the subtle gold and silver shimmers and the flecks! They are all so gorgeous! If I really have to pick, I'm most excited for Wooden Shoe Like to Know?, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, I Don't Give a Rotterdam! and Vampsterdam.

OPI: New York Ballet Collection
More soft shades from OPI! They look really sweet and pretty but not quite my thing too. Perhaps there is really no inner ballerina in me.

Then, we have some collections from Essie:

Essie: Spring 2012
img src
Surprisingly, I have yet to try an Essie because the colors seldom call to me. I am afraid the same goes for this collection too. Maybe, with the exception of the pink and the purple (second and third from the right). They look pretty interesting in the picture... but I am not too sure. I guess I shall wait for swatches for this one.

Essie: Resort Collection
img src
Ahh... These colors are more my type. Sure Shot (dark pink) looks like a super rich color. Can't wait to see swatches! :)

Last but not least, we have upcoming collections from China Glaze!
I am most hyped up about China Glaze's future collections and they have officially skyrocketed to one of my favorite polish brands. <3

China Glaze: Electropop Collection
img src
This collection has 12 shades of Bright and Light colors that are really eye-popping! Susan from The Subtle Shimmer has already done some swatches on her blog. You can also check out some colors on Inky Polisholicious. These colors are not really my style so I might give these a miss - but then again, the "lights" are really tempting... hmm..

China Glaze: Summer Neon
img src
Another 12 bright shades! Again, not quite the colors I will wear but we'll see. 

China Glaze: Safari Collection
img src
Now, this is more up my alley - darker colors! I Herd That and I'm Not Lion are practically leaping at me - yup, you've guessed it, the sparkly ones!!

China Glaze: Crackle Glitter
img src
More glitters!!! This time: crackled. I only have OPI's Black Shatter in my collection. It was the polish that got me started on OPI and other brands apart from the typical drugstore polishes in Singapore (like Sally Hansen, Silky Girl, etc). Having said that, I am not too sure if I am that excited over more crackle/shatter polishes. It is definitely an easy way to add some interesting effect on the nails but there is only so much shatter I can take before it becomes meh to me.

China Glaze: Magnetix Collection
img src
I have yet to try a magnetic polish but it is definitely on my to-try list. I'm glad that China Glaze decided to do a magnetic polish collection as well and I sure hope that it will be affordable. There are six colors in this collection and I'm eyeing the blue (Pull Me Close), the purple (Ins Chemistry) and maybe the black/grey/gunmetal too (Attraction). The collection also comes with three separate designs!

China Glaze: Prismatic
img src
Now, this is yet another collection that I'm drooling over! There are six awesome shades in this collection. Just look at the bottles, need I say more? *drools all over lappie*

China Glaze: Colors from the Capitol

More drooling!! This collection is inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy - which you should definitely read if you haven't started on it yet! Just like the books, the colors are equally amazing!! Fast track, Hook and Line, Stone Cold, Smoke and Ashes, Harvest Moon, Riveting, Electrify, Luxe and Lush...  even Foie Gras looks great to me (and I am not one who likes nudes / cremes)! I can't wait - for both the collection and the movie!! :D

And there, I've shared all the collections I've read about! Of course, there are new and interesting collections from other brands such as a-england but I couldn't find much info about them. Nevertheless, I'm sure you can see why I'm sooo hyped up about 2012 (and why my piggy bank is weeping)!
Which collections caught your eye? :D



  1. Yummy!!! So excited!! The only things I was able to get my hands on so far were Nicki Minaj. Pink Friday, Fly, and Save Me were the ones I liked so I scooped them up. Can't wait for all the other collections. Everything except the crackle excites me! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year!!! I hope you get better quickly.

  2. Thanks Marisa! <3
    I can't wait either!! *jumps around in excitement*
    Love your picks from the Nicki Minaj collection! Save Me sure looks the most interesting! :D

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, babe! Hope you're feeling better. Like you, I'm most excited about the CG Prismatic! And thanks for the link for the OPI Holland Spring shimmers! I feel like I want them all! LOL!

    Happy 2012!

  4. Thank you for the shout-out and for showing us all these fab collections (and all in one place too!!) I can't wait to see more about China Glaze's Safari collection!

  5. @Susan: you're welcome~ I'm feeling much better after sleeping so much for the past few days. haha! Oh man, I know what you mean! I want them all too! They're all so pretty! #_#

    @Eugenia: you're welcome~ Can't wait to see the new a-england collection too! :D

  6. Happy New Year to you too! I can't wait for these collections .. especially China Glaze's Hunger Games one!

  7. Me tooo!! Funnily enough, I've completely forgotten about the Hunger Games trilogy that was sitting in my to-read shelf until this collection came out! lol! I'm so glad I finally read it :D

  8. um.. wow!  I can't wait for the Nicki Minaj to hit Australia!!  Do you know any good websites that sell China Glaze?  No where in Aus. sells them :(

  9. I'm not too sure about it myself but 'Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake has a rather list on where to get polishes in Sydney (http://www.cosmeticcupcake.com/p/where-to-buy.html). Alternatively, you can try ordering from our Singapore etailer (http://meimeisignatures.com/) - she ships international too. 
    Hope this helps! :)