Nail Ideas: Chinese New Year!

Good afternoon! Today's post is slightly late because school's started this week for us and in the midst of all the "excitement", I've forgotten to prepare for today's post. ><

To make up for it, I've done a Chinese New Year special!

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese. Like New Year's Day, the Spring Festival marks the beginning of a New Year under the lunar calendar. This year, CNY falls on the 23 January. For that, we celebrate a whopping 15 days and end with the Lantern Festival. Well, at least that is the traditional way to do it. In Singapore, we only get to enjoy 2 days of public holidays before we head back to school / work. :( While it's true that we don't observe all of the traditional festivities in Singapore, wouldn't it be great if we can enjoy ourselves (and collect red packets*) for 15 days?
*red packets usually contain money and are traditionally given by the elders / married couples to youngsters during CNY*

As this year will be the Year of the Dragon, I had thought to try painting a dragon on my nails. It turned out to be quite a major flop so I gave up. Instead, I've decided to stick to simple ways of jazzing up the color red - which is considered to be an auspicious color by the Chinese.

Nubar 2010 over Megan Miller Roja
Since this is also the year of the flakies, it will be inappropriate to leave out this layering. The orange-gold flakies look absolutely striking against the red. Doesn't it look festive?

OPI Excuse Moi sandwiched between Megan Miller Roja
I looove this jelly sandwich! The dark-colored glitters in Excuse Moi actually appear black and look great over the red <3 Not only that, the nails are insanely sparkly under the light too.

Clatty 296 sponged over Megan Miller Roja
This is another one that I liked. Subtle gold tips! Gotta love that simple elegance. :)

Will you be rocking red on your nails for CNY too?



  1. I love the flakies over the red, they certainly do remind me of Chinese New Year! 
    I can't believe Singapore only has 2 days of public holidays for CNY, here in Hong Kong most schools give us like a week off! 

  2. Ya!! Only a pathetic two days :(((( I'm jealous!

  3. I love these manis!!  Red is such a gorgeous polish color.

  4. Thank you Marisa! Red is definitely a classic <3

  5. a week off? that's so good. i wish that i live in HK =)

  6. pretty combination. i didn't notice but i found yours during googling ~~ nice!!