Models Own: The Beetlejuice Collection

Models Own's BEETLEJUICE collection consists of five multi-tonal shades. Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade for an optimum high finish. Inspired by the beautiful wings of a beetle, this collection mimics the complex colour-shifting with flashes of vivid tones and ethereal hues giving a shimmering duo chrome finish.  
Aqua Violet, a true sky shimmer; Pinky Brown, a warm rusty pink; Golden Green, a fresh energetic acid; Purple Blue, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo; and Emerald Black, a bold blackened midnight peacock.

To bring these beautiful colours to life even more, try our 3 in 1 Base Coat / Top Coat / Gloss as a final simple touch. For a limited time, buy all 5 Beetlejuice polishes and 3 in 1 Base Coat / Top Coat / Gloss for just £20.
Ooooooo!! More duochromes!!! -drools

I'm really not a fan of insects. There's something about the way they move that makes me feel all squeamish. I've once held a cockroach in my hand (don't ask why) and it still sends a shiver down my spine each time I relive the experience. ><
Ok, I digressed...

Mild entomophobia (or insect-o-phobia in my vocabulary) aside, these multichromes are unexpectedly gorgeous!
Unexpected because I would have thought butterflies to be the more obvious candidate:

Then again, I never knew that beetle wings could be so gorgeous!

I've read that colours on the bugs scream "stay away!" but I'm not sure if I can stay away from the beetlejuice collection!

I am really digging Aqua Violet, Pinky Brown and Purple Blue!
I am not as hyped up about Golden Green... I suspect it is not as flattering on the typical Chinese yellowish skin? I stand corrected. ;p
Curiously though, Emerald Black appears relatively plain on the bottle. I wonder why...

The Beetlejuice collection is now available at Models Own.

Which colours caught your eye?

Edit: See swatches from British Beauty Blogger.



  1. Such a beautiful collection, I want it!

  2. haha! oh gosh. this is a nice collection at a reasonable price!

  3. @TheNailAddict: me too! ^_^

    @anonymous: yes it is! If I am not wrong, one of the colors is already out of stock ><