12 Days of Round-Up: Nail Art Edition!

Finally, the last instalment of the Round-Up posts!

I actually had other plans for this post but I was tagged on Instagram to share some of my favorite manicures for 2012 and this came up:

Yup! My favorite mani-s in 2012 are all nail art! :L

I decided to include this collage here as a New Year's resolution of sorts - to remind myself not to give up on nail art despite having to start work this year. So far, I haven't work on the resolution yet but I promise I will try once I get used to working! For now, I am still very exhausted after work each time. xP

What are some of your favorite mani-s for 2012?
Have you started working on your New Year's resolution yet? ;)



  1. These are gorgeous! ;) My favorite out of the bunch is the polkadot and flowers - definitely one of your most memorable nail art in 2012. But the owl is a pretty close second, I think! :)

    Anyway, good luck with your new year's resolution (and with work!). I made a shorter list this year but hopefully they'll be easier to realize that way :) Fingers crossed for the both of us! <3

  2. Love them all!

  3. Aww - the owl's mani you did for my lil' bloggie is in there ♥! I love all your nailart so much but that one was extra special!

  4. What a great collection of nail art! I really love the rainbow spun sugar mani.

  5. aww thank you Camila dear!! <3 I really enjoyed doing them so much too!
    My list has definitely shortened over the years but I still have trouble sticking to it LOL! :P May we succeed with our new year's resolutions this time!! :D

  6. Yes I really enjoyed doing the owls for you too! They definitely have a special place in my heart <3<3

  7. Thank you Jamie!! <3 It was tedious doing the rainbow but so worth it ;)