12 Days of Round-Up: Trends in 2013

It's 2013!! Did you have a great New Year's Day? :party

To usher in the new year, I will be continuing the 12 days of round-up series by covering some of the polishes to look out for in 2013! :e Of course, the materials I have to work with are very limited so this will only be a small preview of what is in store for us this year.

OPI Liquid Sand / China Glaze Texture / Zoya PixieDust

source: OPI
source: everything2k
source: zoya; swatches at manicurator
Very fine glitters that dry matte and gritty. Yup, all three of them are putting out these glitters in different colors! Heh.. makes one wonder if all the companies have a meeting at the start of the year to decide on the trends for the year. xD

I am most fascinated by how the polish base seemingly disappears to leave behind the glitters. That aside, I am not normally a fan of gritty nails so I don't quite know if I will like these. Swatches for the OPI and Zoya glitters are already floating around and bloggers agree that they are not as gritty as they look so I may give it a shot. Of these, I have to say that I prefer the OPI colors - kudos to them for adding different glitters to make it more interesting and varied. And Stay the Night looks absolutely stunning - I have a weakness for red and black.

Nails Inc Leather Effect

source: nailsinc
From The PolishAholic's swatches, especially the sun pic, the leather effect polish appears somewhat similar to the liquid sand / pixie dust glitters but Jen noted that it was less gritty - perhaps due to the creamier base? In any case, I am loving their packaging - black leather with skulls? Yes please! \m/

From what we can see so far, it appears that the companies are going big on texture for the new year!
What do you think of this trend? Yay or nay?


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  1. Lacey {Lace & Lacquers}January 1, 2013 at 10:39 PM

    I'm so stoked for the leather effect when Polishaholic posted a pic!

  2. Happy New Year!
    I think I'm going to give these textures a pass. I love my nails to be smooth.

  3. I didn't expect to like these 'textured' glitters very much from the company/publicity shots, but the swatches I've seen make them look very appealing! And if you decide to skip the textured look, the depth of the glitter under a shiny top coat is really pretty stunning.

  4. So do I! I think I may just try one to satisfy my curiosity though ;p
    Have a great 2013 too! <3

  5. Yes I do like the swatches more than the promo shots! :P They got me curious enough to want to try it even though I usually prefer glossy nails.
    I do love them with topcoats (you're right about the depth! So pretty!!) but I wish they have some special topcoats for them. I can't imagine piling on two or three thicks coats of top coat every time! D: lol!