Sparkles By Julie: Lost in Space & Strawberry Licorice

*knock knock* Anybody around? I'm truly truly sorry for disappearing for a week. Life has gotten a little busier this week - I am always heading out and hardly have the time to take a breather! xP Although I am quite free during work but I don't quite dare to work on my blog in the office. Heh.

I know that I have yet to complete the last instalment of the round-up series but I thought I would put up some newer swatches first before working on the last round-up post. Don't worry, I have not forgotten about the giveaway! It is officially over and I will be working on verifying the entries and picking the lucky winners asap! :$

So let's move on to the pretties that I have to show you today, shall we?

Lost in Space. 3 coats.
A sheer black filled with metallic blue, silver and holographic glitters of various sizes. Insanely sparkly and I can really get lost in the depth of all the glitters. You can of course layer this over black but I prefer to build up the color for the depth. The black base is slightly unusual though - it is filled with very fine black specks that somewhat resemble noise. I don't quite know how to describe it but it is pretty obvious on the first coat. It is no longer that noticeable thereafter but I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless. You can try spotting some of the specks on the glitters in the closeup on the left.


Strawberry Licorice. 3 thin coats.
A silver foil accented with pink, purple and silver holographic glitters. The glitters are very sparkly and I love how they go extremely well with the silver base. I am also pleasantly surprised that this is not as brushstroke-y as I thought it would be! I did not experience any difficulty during application and did not have to make any extra effort to do my nails carefully. *double thumbs-up!*

As with my previous experience with the other polishes by Sparkles by Julie, I had no problems with the formula - the consistency was just right and application was a breeze. The glitters are also well-distributed and I did not have to fish around for them. I should add that I've tried her full-sized bottles this time round and the brush is not unlike other indie labels (eg. HARE polish) - they fan out nicely and are easy to control.

So what do you think of these colors?
If you wish to get some Sparkles by Julie, you can hop over to her Etsy store or check out Mei Mei's Signature (the exclusive stockist in Singapore)!


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  1. Hmm, the second looks kinda lumpy :/...

  2. It does dry bumpy because of the larger glitters but the top coat covered up the bumps. I couldn't get the topcoat to show on the pictures though. They all turned out looking like I didn't topcoat it. =\

  3. Oh it know what you mean, some glitters tend to do that. You are looking at smooth and shiny polish on your hands but your pictures look like Lump Ville. Hate when that happens!

  4. Ooooo I love Lost in Space! I'm such a sucker for a black with glitters!

  5. I love Lost in Space (because - black & sparkles? I'm all over it) but I really love the uniqueness of Strawberry Licorice. It's very, very pretty. Great swatches! x

  6. LOL! I like how Lump Ville sounds ;)

  7. me toooo!! :D I never get tired of them ;)

  8. Thank you!! I simply have to agree with you! It really caught my eye because it was so unique and pretty! <3