12 Days of Round-Up: Upcoming Collections in 2013

Phew! I've just survived my first day of work training and it was more tiring than I'd thought. The best part was... I didn't even have any work to do! But really, sitting at the desk doing nothing for hours straight is really exhausting and no fun at all. I sure hope tomorrow will be slightly better!

Anyway, let's jump straight to today's post before I call it a night! As with our usual tradition, here's a round-up of some of the new/upcoming collections in 2013!

Disclaimer: Pictures are taken from everything2k unless specified otherwise!

OPI Mariah Carey

I've already posted about the liquid sand polishes from this collection but OPI also has something for those who are not loving the gritty texture! Creme, glitter and shimmers - now that's something for everyone! I love how the colors are very rich and diva-esque.

Zoya Lovely

source: zoya
Ahh... one of the early spring collections that is already available! This collection features pastel hues in cremes and heavy shimmers. I've read that the formula is slightly tricky for these though. That aside, Neely (was there ever any doubt) and Julie are calling my name.

Orly Hope and Freedom

I am not sure if these are already available but I believe these are already available through some etailers in Singapore. Of course, Peaceful Opposition stole all the limelight with the white-based glitters (swatch here). High On Hope looks gorgeous in the bottle too but not so much on the nails... Still rather pretty though! I haven't seen swatches of the other colors yet but Boho Bonnet and Coachella Dweller are pretty too and worth a look if you don't already have similar colors.

China Glaze Avant Garden

source: melva@nailvibe
Another spring collection that is already available in Singapore through etailers. I'm not too sure about the "Brights" half of the collection (on the left of the picture) but I'm loving the pastels. Not sure if there are dupes for them though.

OPI Eurocentrale

source: opi
Yessssssss! Oh how I want these so bad! If you have missed it, hop over now to see swatches of the blues by Manicurator - they are to-die-for!!!! I am also eyeing BudaPest and Polka.com (how cute is that name?!) It's been a while since I've been so excited about so many colors in an OPI collection - I feel so much love for OPI now.

ETA: February 2013

Butter London Spring 2013

source: bagfulofnotions
Pastels. Omg. They look so so pretty but I don't know if they will look any good on my skintone. That peach and turquoise are making me drool.

Essie Spring 2013

Last but not least, we also have a spring collection from Essie! I'm loving the three colors at the bottom! So pretty! Is there anything like Maximillian already?

ETA: March 2013

Moving away from the Spring collections, here are some of the other collections that are coming out in 2013:


source: opi
An Oz collection with no reds or emeralds?! I am just a wee bit disappointed. But then again, the new Oz movie is adapted from the novel and not exactly what we have seen in the past so maybe the reds don't come into the picture so much. The glitters are interesting but I don't quite know how I feel about the soft shades. The NYC Ballet collection has set a pretty high bar!

ETA: March 2013

China Glaze Glitz

source: chinaglaze

Gorgeous 3D glitters, combined with black Bitz ’N Pieces create a Mosaic Masterpiece on nails.
Yes, this collection features some sparkly glitters mixed with black hexes and bar glitters! Now that is definitely edgy alright! I haven't seen swatches of these but they look pretty promising in the promo shots. I hope it won't turn out too much like Whirled Away - it just didn't look quite right to me...

China Glaze Hologlam

Yes, this is a repost but I couldn't resist including this again! The swatches seen at Polish Galore look really promising but recent swatches that appeared on Instagram seem otherwise... You can check them out here and here. I'm really hoping that CG don't disappoint me!!

ETA: March 2013

China Glaze NEONS On The Shore

Create waves with NEONS On The Shore. Twelve new SUN-sational crèmes and jellies.
Yes you read that right - JELLIES. I wonder how neon jellies look like. The teal looks really pretty in the promo shots though!

ETA: April 2013

Sooo... what do you think of these? Which ones are you eyeing?


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  1. This is an amazing post! I wish I hadn't just put myself on a 100 day spending ban, how am I going to cope with not being able to buy the holographic polishes! xx

  2. Aw, man! Just when I thought my wallet was safe for a little while... :P
    Love the cremes in the Zoya Lovely collection, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Orly Hope and Freedom swatches. I'm not usually very interested in pastels, but I love how bright and vibrant they look for this spring!

  3. I got an adrenaline high from looking at this post! I am so excited! I am a bit disappointed by the Great and Powerful Oz Collection being the soft shades!? So odd! Looks like it's a big year for pastels, even more so than the past couple of years. Thanks for the round up! :)

  4. Wow I am thrilled for 2013 colors!!!!! I usually stay away from Orly but this collection looks irresistible - - and CG, OPI, and Essie spring colors look flawless! Can't wait for CG holos :)

  5. hahah! ikr?! So many pretty polishes everywhere!
    I don't think pastels work very well with my skintone sometimes but I just can't resist them XP

  6. I couldn't agree more! Pastels are taking over the world - and making me go weak in the knees lol!!
    And I still think OPI passed up a great chance to go wild with the colors in Oz. XP

  7. I am really psyched up too!! :D Can't wait for all of them!! <33

  8. Orly Peaceful Opposition might be my first white glitter purchase EVER! It looks gorgeous! The rest I have to wait and see what swatches will show.. neon jellies DO sound interesting.

  9. I am so looking forward to getting my hands on Hologlam and Bitz 'n Pieces collections.

  10. Excellent choice! It looks really pretty!! I can't wait for all the swatches to be out so I can decide what to get with my budget :P

  11. I've seen some swatches floating around and I can't wait for more! :D

  12. Me too. I hope they will arrive at my local store before my birthday so I could get them as a treat.

  13. Thank you Lydia!!
    I could never stick to a no-buy :P they always seem to release wonderful polishes just when I am determined to stop spending! hahaha!