Moree nail polishes!

Yay!! We've finally reached 88 followers on blogger!! *wooo hoooo*
Such a lucky number too! (The Chinese believe 8 is a lucky number because it sounds like the Chinese word for prosper.)
Only 12 more to go before we hit 100! Hmm.. Time to plan something! :D

Last saturday, Jayo and I went for a lovely brunch (or rather lunch) with two wonderful ladies - Susan from The Subtle Shimmer and Ink from Inkypolisholicious! After months of chatting on twitter, it feels great to finally meet them in person and chat about... nail polish!! Well, it's not often that you find people speaking the same language! ;p

And to make the day even more perfect, I got my first lynnderellas from Ink!! I'm sorry for not taking photos of the cute package but it was sadly ripped apart in our haste to see those pretties!

Here they are:
I can't wait to try them!!

After brunch/lunch, Jayo and I decided to scout around Orchard but didn't manage to find what we want. :(

Just before going home, I decided to pop by Smoochiezz to collect the polishes that I've reserved... a MONTH ago! >:(

From left: Skyscraper, Atlantis
You wouldn't believe how difficult it was for me to get these two colors but I shall spare you from my ranting.

That aside, I also received some nail mail about a week ago.

Yes! This is the Tony Moly Galaxy collection!! So pretty!!

I also got some other random glitters from TM:

Oh and some from Olive Deco:

Enough pretties to tide me through my no-buy, don't you think? More swatches soon! :)



  1. It's so nice that you guys got to meet up!!  Hopefully, I get to do the same with some of my nail polish buddies soon too ;0).  Nice polishes.  Can't wait to see the swatches.

  2. Yup it was fun to meet up! :D 
    If only we were all staying near each other, then we can meet up too! :(

  3. these are really interesting!

  4. yup yup! I can't wait to try them all myself! :D

  5. The lynderellas are so pretty!!!! And Snow Angel's really lovely :) What a nice haul you have

  6. Ya! I could stare at them all day! ;p

  7. Ooooh, these are so lovely! And look at those Lynderellas, so lucky!

  8. Yup! I'm really thankful that my friend helped me with the order! That's the good thing about meeting others with the same passion <3

  9. How do you like the olive deco? have you finally swatched them? ^^

  10. oops I must say I have completely neglected them >< Hmm I wonder if I can find them in my stash...