FIMO accents on OPI You're A Doll

Hi y'all!!

After a few days with OPI You're A Doll, I decided to spice things up a little with some bling and FIMO! 

FIMO is just a kind of polymer clay used to make those hardened things we sometimes see on earrings, bracelets and other accessories that go for ridiculous prices (relative to the cost price) and some smart dude or dudette decided that we could use it for nail art too! 

Thankfully, they are much more affordable, largely due to the size. A stick that can be cut into more than 100 pieces is going for less than a dollar at some places! So here is what it looks like after I stuck two on: 

I stuck the FIMO on with generic nail glue. One word of caution: DO NOT get nail glue on your hands! I got some on my finger and thought it was alright, but was I wrong! It burnt a hole! The whole area was numb. So, do take care.

That aside, for layering, I used OPI Teenage Dream on the nail of the middle finger.I have reviewed this awesome glitter polish earlier, and have also recently used it for Chinese New Year.

I drew on the nail on the ring finger with a silver glitter nail art pen that I have reviewed earlier (PR French Nail Colour). Then I put on the top coat. Because Teenage Dream's solution has a tinge of pink, you can notice that there is a very slightly different base colour of the nail on middle finger.

Here is an awesome picture of the rainbows (you can see two here - top right and bottom right of nail) on Teenage Dream glitters!

Actually, my point was to emphasise that some FIMOs, like the cherry one used here, have transparent parts that cover the base colour. If I had chosen a dark coloured base, and if the FIMO is too thick (they come in varying thickness sometimes), then it would look quite odd (if you can imagine). Here, layering Teenage Dream over everything made the contrast less obvious, but still observable. But I believe most people do not look closely enough to be able to tell the difference ;)

Frontal view of cherry with Teenage Dream! Oh the bling!! =^_^= Makes the cherry looks shiny and juicy too haha.

Here is a picture of the flower with the squarish glitters from the nail art pen. Doesn't go too badly with the red specks, yes? =)

And so I headed out of the house. By the time I got into the car, one-and-a-half petal of the flower FIMO fell off!! I was super upset.

Root cause? An earlier photo tells the story:

The lower petals were not glued properly onto the nail! The thing about FIMO is that it is FLAT and very difficult to bend, whereas most parts of our nails are curved. And if you have not-so-big nails like me, then you would be hard pressed for a place to put your FIMO if you want it to adhere completely. Oh well. So when I got home, I went to stick another FIMO on the sad half-FIMO as such:

So this is a close-up on the final result of my first venture with FIMO:

Do y'all have any tips and advice to share? I would be glad to know more before I embark on my subsequent adventures with FIMO (since I still have hundreds of pieces)!

More soon! =D



  1. Cute use of the fimo pieces! =)  I just got my first bunch of them in the mail and I keep putting off actually using them, lol.  I've heard that you can use top coat to adhere them, which I'm going to try before I resort to nail glue.

  2. oh? =D it's easier to get someone else to help with it (perhaps i'm just real clumsy with tiny things haha). i enjoyed doing it for my relatives! really fun. i was afraid that top coat might not last and the fimo bits would drop off when i knock into things (haha yes, clumsy me). perhaps i shall try top coat next time; nail glue eats away the polish it is placed onto too! tell me if top coat endures when you do finally try fimo! =D
    - jayo

  3. This is gorgeous! :) I'm a new follower! Great blog!

  4. Hi Nory! Really happy that you decided to follow us! =D Hope that you like what we've posted so far and that you'll enjoy our future posts too! And thanks for the compliment hehe =^_^= I think FIMO pieces are so much fun! 
    - jayo

  5. I never knew what fimo sticks were used for but now I know!! thanks! Anyway, I came over via Cheeying's blog! It's great to know another Sg blogger(:

  6. heya! now you know! haha. it's really quite fun~ oh are you cheeying's friend? =D
    - jayo