Tony Moly: GT03 Mars (Galaxy)

Good morning!! I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend so far! :)

Today, I have for you the third polish from Tony Moly's Galaxy Collection: Mars!

Mars is a dark brown polish packed with a mix of large gold and smaller copper glitter with a scattering of blue glitter.

This one is definitely an unexpected favorite of mine. I had thought the gold glitter would be too overwhelming (in a negative way) but it completely blew my mind out (in a good way) when I painted my nails! The copper glitter added just enough depth to the gold while the blue prevented the color from being too boring.

Oh and have I already mentioned that the glitter glows? Freaking awesome.

Look at it glow!
So what do you think of Mars?
Has it stolen your heart yet? It sure has mine.



  1. It's gorgeous! I love the different kinds of glitter in it! 

  2. Ya!! Love the glitter mix! Caught me completely by surprise! ;)

  3. Can't seem to edit my previous comment! But anyway, your swatches are tempting me to get all the glitters in this collection too! THIS IS BAD!

  4. ok! edited for you!
    Hahaha! Oops! Sorry for the lemmings created! ;p But this collection is really super awesome!!

  5. if you want can always order together! =D though i haven't quite made up my mind hehe

  6. it's so pretty!
    you've got a nice blog! :D I love your pictures!