Tony Moly: GT05 Jupiter (Galaxy)

Good morning everyone! It's the weekends!
I never thought I will come to say this but... no TGIF for me :( My school starts again at full throttle next week and you can be sure I didn't do anything productive during my break *yikes*

Anyway, before I get totally engulfed and buried in school work, here's the last glitter from Tony Moly's Galaxy collection - Jupiter!

Jupiter is a dark purple polish (slightly darker IRL) with a complex mix of glitter - largely light purple glitter with some larger blue/turquoise hex glitter - very much like those in China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara. Although the blue glitter flashes turquoise-green at some angles in the bottle, I was just a little disappointed that I couldn't spot the flashes on the nails. What's more, there is a sprinkle of small copper-red glitter. Super pretty!

Ahhh... I love how the copper glitter glows against the dark background - just like those in Mars!

Well, what do you think? Which is your favorite from this collection?
Mine is still a tie between Mars and Neptune!

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Winners can choose any colors they want from the Tony Moly Galaxy, OPI Holland and/or China Glaze Hunger Games collections!



  1. TO DIE FOR!!!

  2. hahaha! I know right?! I love these TMs! They are so awesome! <3

  3. This is my favorite of them all.  So pretty!  Sorry your break is over so quickly :(.  You'll get another one before you know it!

  4. im in love!! im crossing my fingers and toes i win your giveaway so i can get this beauty! :D

  5. Thank you, Marisa! I sure hope the next holidays come quickly. It will be three months long! I'm already happy just thinking about it lol! ;D

  6. Hahaha! Lovee your humor! I will be crossing mine for you too! ;p

  7. yessss! I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I wore it! Absolutely breathtaking.