Cult Nails: I Got Distracted

A few days ago, I nearly shrieked out loud when a close friend (non-polish-addict) texted me: "U want to try this nail polish not arh? My cousin passed to me but I think more your style! 'I Got Distracted' from Cult Nails. Dunno where she got from."
Having missed the new Coco's Untamed collection because of my self-imposed no-buy, I was more than thrilled and replied "omg yes please!!!". In my heart, I was literally shouting: YES OF COURSE! :e

Here's the little beauty in the bottle:

I Got Distracted. 2 coats.
A blackened emerald green jelly filled with bright green glitters and smaller holographic glitters.
This was literally love at first sight. I couldn't tear my eyes away because it was sooo sparkly! The green glitters are so bright and the holo was just dancing manically against the dark inky base. For some reason, it reminds me of a spectacular cosmic explosion. It's really a sight to behold! :L

I tried my best to do a blur shot of my nails to capture the holo but my camera insisted on focusing before taking a picture. It never was that insistent when I do my other swatches. Meh. :||
Anyway, here are some bottle shots to give you a rough idea how holo the glitters are:

Application was great. The formula is slightly thicker than the usual creme polishes because it is loaded with glitter but it applies smoothly and easily on the nails. It is a potential one-coater (I did two because I wasn't careful with application) and there is no need to fish around for the green hex glitters. Awesome. As with other glitter bombs, it dries gritty. I definitely recommend a top coat for a smooth shiny finish. It also helps to bring the rainbow sparkles to life! :rainbow

So, what do you think of I Got Distracted?
I think I'm definitely getting this in my next order. As my friend puts it, this is right up my alley! 8)



  1. Oo, sparkly! <3 You're right, it's really pretty! And just right your alley, haha :)

  2. Woah, it's gorgeous! It's like it was sent to you from the polish gods :D

  3. Love love love this nail polish!

  4. Helly (Nailnewbie)August 25, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    Going on my wishlist! Gorgeous!

  5. such a pretty polish!!

  6. gah! kicking myself for not picking this up during the sale! :'(

  7. heehee all my friends know I can't resist dark sparkly polishes ;)

  8. And it's even prettier and more sparkly in real life!! ^_^

  9. me toooo!! I guess I shall wait for the next one! Unless I cave in before that ;p