Glitter Gal: Twisted Jealousy

More duochromes? Yes, please!!

Not long ago, Glitter Gal released a premium range of 6 duochromes to satisfy our never-ending need for color-shifters.
Our Duo Chromes are quick drying, high gloss nail polishes which are long lasting, chip resistant and have a multi-dimensional metallic special effect which shows a “Metallic Chrome” like finish that changes colour when viewed from different angles. Truly Captivating.
- Glitter Gal
To top it all off, the duochromes are all 5-free - containing no TFR, Camphor, Formaldehyde, DPB and Toluene! This must be the most harmless polish I have in my collection! :o

When I first heard about the Glitter Gal Duo Chromes, I thought they were the Shade Shifters, also released not too long ago. However, it turns out that they are two completely different collections:
"Both the Shade Shifters and Duo Chromes are “5 Free”. The main difference is the Shade Shifters are more opaque and can be worn either alone or over another colour. The duo chrome, whilst can be worn alone, are really designed to be worn over black, like a top coat, to create a brilliant deep colour."
- Glitter Gal
So, as you can imagine, I was really excited and honored when I was contacted to do a review for one of the duochromes!

Had to include a shot of the box - looove the chic packaging!
And this was the beauty that came in the box:

Twisted Jealousy. 1 coat over black.
A duochrome that shifts from olive green to a chocolate brown. Honestly, I wasn't particular impressed with the shade in the bottle. But, boy, did it blow my mind off when I put it on. Is it the green? Is it the brown? Nah, they are not my colors (I hardly have any olive greens or browns!) but when you put them together, I fall inexplicably in love. :L I haven't seen anything like this before! I also love that the color-shift is very strong. And the name? Absolutely fitting. Great job, Glitter Gal! :tup

Because I went trigger happy with my camera, here's a shot with more greens...

And a shot with more browns...

I did my best trying to capture the colors but they are more vivid and the color-shift is much stronger in real life.

Application was excellent. Like the Ozotic 505, the formula is slightly thin and flows nicely on the nails. The brush was also easy to control and I hardly needed any clean up. It dried glossy but I added another layer of top coat anyway - there's never too much shine, is there? ;)

In any case, If you are a fan of duochromes, Twisted Jealousy is a unique shade that will be an interesting addition to your collection. It is available on Glitter Gal for AUD$17.95 or you can purchase it from our Singapore stockist, Mei Mei Signatures, for S$24.50 each.

So, what do you think of Twisted Jealousy?
Oh, and you can check out swatches of other colors from this collection by local bloggers here or you can see Michelle's swatches at Cosmetic Cupcakes.


**Product provided for our honest review. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.**


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