Of Nail Mails and Hauls...

It's Swatching Sunday!!
Well, it was supposed to be... until Mother Nature decided it should be Storm Sunday instead - and the thunder rumbled in agreement just as I finished typing that. Freaky. :~

Since it is way too dark for me to get decent pictures on my camera, I've decided to do a haul update and show you the nail mails that I've received since the last haul post in.... May (can't believe it was so long ago)!

So, here we gooooo~

L-R: Brummingbird holo top coat, Essence Choose Me, Fingerpaints Easel-y Entertained, Spoiled Plastic Flamingo
These are the awesome polishes that I've won from @brummingbird's nail art contest on Instagram! You can see the design I did here.
The bottle with the adorable label is a spectraflair topcoat made by Laura herself. I've tried it on one nail and it was... *wow* intense! :o :rainbow She also makes some pretty cool polishes. You can find her etsy shop here.

L-R:  Lynnderella Nosegay, Glitter Gal Lizard Belly and Kiko #255
I also met up with my friend sometime in June to collect these pretties! I feel a little embarrassed that I have left them with her for so long! :$ She was also really nice to help me get the Kiko on her Euro holiday trip! Thank you, babe! :k
You can see my swatches of Nosegay here.

L-R: Essence Midnight Date / City that Never Sleeps, Michelle M33, A38, 55
Jayo, Cherily and I had another stayover at our friend's house towards the end of June and I collected these from Cherily! She was in town a few days before that and kindly helped me grab some of the local Michelle polishes to try. I've worn each of them as a full mani at least twice now. That's really saying something considering that I still have quite a few untrieds in my stash. :i

In July, I...
actually survived a whole month without a single new polish! woohoo~ :mj
That must be a personal record for me ever since I've started this little hobby of mine. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself! xD

Anyway, the cold turkey didn't last long and here's what my mail lady brought for me in August:

L-R: Gosh Rainbow, Gosh Holographic, MaxFactor Fantasy Fire
Now, I hardly need to introduce these, do I? I was lucky enough to be the winner of The Nailasaurus' giveaway - and even luckier to win the set of HTFs! I've heard so much about these polishes but never had hopes of owning them myself. As you can imagine, I literally jumped for joy when I saw the email she sent! I may or may not have shrieked as I jumped. Heh. :r

L-R: NailTek Foundation II, China Glaze I'm Not Lion, Exotic Encounter, I Herd That, Cast A Spell, Immortal, OPI Alpine Snow
So, the giveaway prizes didn't exactly count towards my no-buy, right? But these China Glazes definitely do! After going cold turkey for a month, I broke my no-buy in a huge way by hauling more than 5 polishes at one go from a local etailer! Apparently, all it needed was a 10% discount for all hell to break loose. So much for a polish-free July! :||

L-R: a-england Elaine, Galahad, Guinevere
Our mail lady also delivered our a-england purchases from their recent July promo - the 5-day Mythical Fair! You know me. I'm a relatively huge a-england fan. It would not have been humanely possible for me to miss this chance to grab some of the shades I'd been eyeing. And so, I caved in. Yet again. :||

And that's not all!
I am expecting at least 2 other polishes this month - Butter London All Hail the Queen and Cult Nails Time Traveller. I've also splurged on another gigantic order but that will only be coming 3 weeks later. >.<
On top of that, I have also spent some money on a few polish-related orders. (If all goes well, I hope it will be in time for our blog-anniversary in October! ;) )

The moral of the story?
Going cold turkey is not a viable long-term solution at all. :ice

So what have you hauled recently? :brow



  1. Ooooh, awesome haul! *___* I totally understand about going cold turkey -- never worked for me either :p

    I've also been a bad girl and ordered more polishes this month than I should... mostly indies (*coughcough*Hare*coughcough*). I wasn't planning to, but when it comes to indies, you just gotta get it or miss out forever! So yeah, perfectly valid reason, right? >_>

  2. Love everything you got! Still waiting for my a england package to arrive though.

  3. Hahaha! I totally understand!! I've been eyeing a few Hare polishes too (they are too awesome) but I haven't taken the plunge yet because of the international shipping costs. :( One day... one day I will go on an indie splurge ;p

  4. hahaha we can't resist a-england, can we? ;) *crossing my fingers they will reach you soon!*

  5. a england is one of my favorite brands and the perfect example how customer service influences the love for a brand ♥.