Enchanted Polish: Electric Daisy

Today I have swatches of one of Enchanted Polish's new holo colors to show you!
I received this in my mail a few days ago and I had been itching to try it ever since. But as always, it just  has to rain when you really need the sun. :|| It has been raining here for several days now and I decided to bust out the polish when the sky cleared up slightly today.

Electric Daisy. 3 coats (over Poshe Strengthening base coat, no top coat)
A soft slightly frosty bubblegum pink with subtle linear holographic effect. I'm quite surprised by how bright yet soft the pink looks. Feminine yet with a touch of girlish fun. I also like how clean it looks on my hands. ^_^

The holo is slightly stronger in real life but I couldn't photograph it properly with the overcast sky.
Here's a slightly more angled shot to get the holo:

And that was literally the last shot I got before it rained again. Ah wells. I'm gonna have to re-swatch this someday.

Formula of Electric Daisy is good. It was of the right consistency and didn't require any special base coat. It applied evenly right at the first coat and builds up nicely in 2 or 3 coats. Although the color is slightly frosty/pearly, I didn't have much problems with brushstrokes. I tried adding topcoat and it didn't appear to affect the holo too. :rainbow

So what do you think? Are you a holo fan too?

You can find Enchanted Polish on Etsy (Chelsea's also on facebook!). You can also get your Enchanted Polish fix from our local stockist, Mei Mei's Signatures, here!


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  1. It's nothing less than gorgeous, so bright and fun!

  2. This is such a nice cheery pink! (:

  3. Yup! It will be super awesome for summer!! :D

  4. What a beautiful holo, I really like it! We are having awful weather here too, who knew weather could have an effect on nail polish! x

  5. ikr?! Wishing that the sun would come back soon. It's so gloomy and cold here these days. :(