piCture pOlish: Amethyst

In the past few days, you may have noticed a massive swatch spam of piCture pOlish's newest shades on several blogs. Although I did not take part in the Blog Fest this year, Susan of Star Trinkets, piCture pOlish's network member from Singapore, kindly sent a bottle of Amethyst to us for review.

Amethyst was created with Susan of Star Trinkets, is exclusive to Star Trinkets & piCture pOlish and forms part of our Collaboration collection. When we asked Susan about her shade she said 'how about purple denim' so that is what has been fashioned! A stunningly beautiful blend of textures and glitters so really what more could a girl ask for? Well according to past history people believed amethyst crystals guarded against getting drunk so perhaps keeping a bottle in your handbag is a good thing!
-piCture pOlish

How cool is that? Susan's very own collaboration shade! I may or may not be just a tad jealous! lol! ;)

So here's my very first piCture pOlish!

Amethyst. 3 coats.
The twin to a popular piCture pOlish shade, Denim, Amethyst is a beautiful purple with a slight dusty-grey tinge, giving it a slightly smoky look. It is filled with electric blue shimmer and a sprinkle of purple/fuchsia shimmer. The blue flashes are so strong that Amethyst looks almost duochrome on the nails - really cool. To top it off, there is a scattering of silvery-white flakes to give it an interesting textured look. <3

Application was really good.
The formula was thin but not too watery. It is opaque in two coats but I added a third for a richer color. I had an urge to try layering it over a dark purple but my a-england orders are not here yet so I guess I will have to leave that for another day.
The brush was really easy to work with too. I hardly needed clean up! *impressed*

Overall, I'm rather pleased with piCture pOlish.
Apart from the polish, I also love the witty tag-lines they have added on the bottles. Too cute! Really fitting for their quirky and vibrant image. :d

So, what do you think of Amethyst?

The new network member collaboration shades are exclusive to piCture pOlish and the respective network member. So if you are interested in getting Amethyst, you can check out Susan's shop, Star Trinkets, or piCture pOlish. Susan ships internationally and also carry other polishes from Ozotic and Manglaze. She even has her own line of polishes - Star Trinkets!


*Product was sent for honest review. Please see our disclosure policy for more details.*