The Dreaded Exams

Winter must be approaching.
I woke up this morning to find yet another overcast sky... I haven't seen the sun in almost a week! :( 

Although Singapore is technically 'summer' all year round, we are not spared from the gloomy weather either. The winter season happens to be the start of our monsoon season where we experience what appears to be never-ending rainfalls. While temperatures drop ever so slightly, it is still generally unbearably humid. People, or rather, I usually become the most grouchy during this time from walking around in shoes soaked with rainwater.

It definitely doesn't help that exams are also just round the corner!!!! *shrieks in horror*

Which reminds me of this hilarious picture I saw on twitter:

Lol! I must admit I never got an A+, not even remotely close, so don't start throwing daggers at me just yet!

Anyway, it's time for us to bade a temporary farewell to our beloved polishes while we throw ourselves at our mountain of books for revision. We apologize in advance if we no longer post as frequently... I will try to schedule some posts in the meantime. We promise to make up for our absence after the end of our exams! They should end sometime before December.

Hopefully, it will be sunny by then so I can swatch these lovelies:

And, yes, they are sitting on my textbook. :( Oh, how I hate exams!
Wish us luck!



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