Nail Tek: Foundation II - update

I can't believe it has been two weeks already!

Anyway, I am back for a brief update on my Nail Tek Challenge. 

Here are my nails:

Unfortunately, they are still stained. It feels like a never ending cycle. Because my nails are stained, I hardly leave them naked. And because of that, my nails don't get to breathe and they remain an unhealthy shade of yellow. boo. 
Having said that, I thought I spy a a healthy pinkish growth near my cuticles. I am not too sure if they are visible from the photos. Maybe, it's just a figment of my imagination. I will have to wait and see. 

Discoloration aside, I am happy to say that my nails have stopped peeling! 
Since I still use my nail polish remover as frequently, my nails must have toughened up. 
I've also noticed that it is harder to use a nail clipper. I used to be able to snip my nails with ease but now I have to use slightly more force and cringe each time the nails yield with an audible crack. I guess it is time to switch to filing them instead. =\ I wouldn't want my nails to split!

Here's a brief comparison:

After (left) & Before (right)
It does look less flimsy, doesn't it? 



  1. I use Nailtini's Club Soda Fizz Nail Whitening Soak.  It really works.  Available from their website at or from Amazon.   

  2. Ah.. I shall have to check that out! Thank you Terrie! :D