OPI: I Lily Love You

Goooood morning! Today, I have for you I Lily Love You - a layering polish from OPI's Summer Nice Stems Collection 2011.

I wasn't really interested in the pink hues they had to offer but the sparkly ILLY immediately caught my eye. It's a sheer pink polish packed with a mish-mash of all sorts of glitter and different sized flakes.

See how bright they are!

Here's ILLY on its own (3 coats):

Not very exciting on its own I must say... But it looks fabulous when layered over other colours!

Here's one coat of ILLY over two coats of Who Needs A Prince: soft, sweet and girly fun all at once!

Here's one coat of ILLY over three coats of The One That Got Away: glittery bomb!


You can see that the glitter and flakes in ILLY really complements the glass flecks in TOTGA. The result? A sparkling manicure with lots of depth!

From left to right:
Three coats of ILLY
2 coats of WNAP + 1 coat of ILLY
3 coats of TOTGA + 1 coat of ILLY
1 coat of ILLY
Overall, I really like how it takes on a different character depending on the base colour but I probably wouldn't wear it on its own though.

I guess you can already tell from the number of pictures which layering combination is my favourite! ^_^
Which is your favourite layering combination?



  1. i like the super duper pinkish princessy one :P

  2. It IS very pretty, isn't it? :D 
    I shall try layering this over more colours next time! So much fun! 

  3. i love the totga! it's so rich! love your swatch!

  4. aww.. thank you! <3 I love TOTGA too!