OPI: Ink

Today, I have for you one of the very first OPI I've bought...

OPI Ink is a stunning blurple loaded with blue, purple and even a scattering of pink shimmer. It looks absolutely magical and mysterious in the bottle:

On the nails, it is a gorgeous shade of royal purple but it occasionally shifts to a deep navy blue.

I had such a hard time trying to capture the colour on the camera! It actually appeared very blue on my camera. So, I spent a long time adjusting my hands to try and capture a glimpse of purple. But when I transferred the pictures onto my computer... *BAM* all the pictures appear purple and I could hardly spot the blue. :(

Here are the only pictures (out of the tonnes I took) that could capture the purple and the blue:

If you look closely at the picture above, the edges are distinctly blue while the center of the nails appear more purple. (please excuse the random flake on the ring finger.)

And in the picture below, the blue is more obvious on the left halves of the nails:

A close-up of the nail:

As with all other OPI colours, the formula and brush are great. The first coat is rather sheer but it is opaque on the second coat.

After all this while, OPI Ink is still one of my favourite colours. Although I love to try different colours on my fingers, I wear Ink on my toes most of the time. It's a gorgeous colour, shimmery, duo-chromatic, and totally exudes gothic charm. <3

What are your favourite nail colours that you will recommend?



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